Which Of The Weed Eater Brands Can Be Considered Supreme In The Market?

Weed Eater Brand

The exterior areas of a house are just as important as the inside. One could even say that these outside sections are the most integral part in homemaking. After all, the outside of the house is what people would initially observe. If you are thorough when it comes to the cleanliness and orderliness of your house, then you should put that in line with how you keep your backyard or your lawn.

Weed Eater Brands

Lawn Maintenance

There are those who just wants to keep their lawn clean, and there are those who want to decorate them. Either way, it entails the process of maintaining a clean outside environment. It’s a statement of clean and responsible living. There are homeowners who hire the help of a landscaper or a cleaner to make the exterior of their houses clean. Some do the task themselves.

Maintaining a backyard or a lawn is a delicate task. You constantly face the inevitability that it will become unkempt again. Grass and weeds grow and they won’t stop growing or finding another way to start over when they’ve been plucked from the soil. They say that nature always finds its way. Not to mention the dust and other environmental debris that might come up.

The Helpful Tools

Here’s where weed eaters come in. These very helpful machines are there to help a person cut off the weeds and grass that grow like a wild child’s hair. It’s one thing to cut grass off manually, and it’s another to cut it off with a machine that would make everything better.

Many companies pride themselves with the creation of such contraptions. People want things that would ease their burdens, so these companies make products that would address their needs. Now, weed eaters have taken the homemaking and landscaping industry by storm and homeowners now have their products and brands of choice.

Here are some of the best and most popular brands of weed eaters.


Black and Decker LST136W String Trimmer with 40V Max Lithium

Black & Decker LST136W 40V Max Lithium String Trimmer
4.6 out of 5 stars, 1617+ customer reviews

The Black and Decker LST136W is a trimmer that has a string or swath that does all the work. It’s effective, convenient and it doesn’t damage the edges or walls that may come in contact with it. The cutting capability of this machine is very reliable and a lot of people have come to appreciate it.

Its cutting swath measures thirteen inches, so you can really cover a lot of ground with just a single sweep. It can cut long grass, eat weeds in a single swipe and even trim edges. You won’t really have to worry about its performance. It runs on 40V Max Lithium that has 33% more battery life.


GreenWorks 21142 18” Corded String Trimmer, 10Amp and Gas Attachment Capable

GreenWorks 21142 10Amp 18-Inch Corded String Trimmer, Gas Attachment Capable
3.8 out of 5 stars, 2033+ customer reviews

The GreenWorks 21142 is one of the most popular and well-reviewed weed eaters on the market today. Online sites such as Amazon have comment sections and review pages that tell the story of this product’s success.

Featuring an 18-inch cutting path, this machine would be able to cut through a large area of lawn or grassland very easily. The 10-Ampere motor that keeps it running would allow more power and time for you to cut grass. Attachments can also be added to it, so if you want to include more features in the GreenWorks 21142, then you could do so.


Husqvarna 128DJx

Husqvarna 128LDX 28cc 10-Inch Detachable Pole Saw
4.3 out of 5 stars, 206+ customer reviews

The demand for grass trimmers or weed eaters is rising. A lot of people want to experience these products because they make lawn work easier and more manageable. Not surprising is the emergence of imitations of branded tools. While these tools are cheaper, they really don’t perform well.

The Husqvarna 128DJx is a product that is made from high quality materials, but its price is approachable and fair. It’s also lauded as a product that is very easy to use. It features a smart start system that would make even newcomers feel comfortable when starting it up. It has an easy-to-install metal blade. It’s run via gas, but it doesn’t emit a lot of fumes and it saves fuel because of the way it’s designed. It’s heaven sent for those who want to get a basic weed eater with exceptional performance.

What Are Best Weed Eater Brands?

By now, you should know your weed eaters. If you like to keep your yard tidy, then you should know or even have the necessary tools to do so. But it is not bad to do a bit of research. The act of researching the information and data about the tools that you need would help you make sure that the things that you buy are going to satisfy your needs.

What Are Best Weed Eater Brands?

Brand Conscious

There are also people who love their brands. They are comfortable with them and when a new product comes out from their favorite companies, then they would immediately purchase it. It’s brand loyalty at its most fierce. It’s not really a bad thing when someone is loyal to the brand that they’re most familiar with. They may have their own reasons for sticking to what they know. They may feel convenience when it comes to brand consistency and even repairs should the need arise.

The Best of Them

1. Poulan Pro

Poulan Pro brandThis brand has been selling string trimmers and weed eaters for a while now. They offer them because they have already built a strong reputation of providing garden tractors to their consumers. It’s only natural to expand their product line to include landscaping tools that are more portable and easy to handle. It’s a strategy that would help generate more sales and more renown. Because of this, they have added chain saws, snow blowers and even tillers to their roster of products.

The Poulan Pro brand offers powerful string trimmers that come in two engine sizes: 25cc and 33cc. The models of their products are appealing and straightforward, but they were designed to work more effectively on larger patches of land.

A two-year warranty comes with their weed trimmers, which is great for homeowners and companies. Their products have a price that range from $100-$200.

2. Worx

Worx brand

Worx is a brand that believes in making people’s yard work much easier. It’s actually the company’s mantra. With such as their banner, they have created products that are versatile, comfortable to use and very easy to control.

They also try their best to reduce the use of gas because of another phrase that the company abides to: On a mission for no emission. Their lawn mowers, blowers, chainsaws, hedge trimmers and weed eaters are electric or battery-operated. Their string trimmers run in powers ranging from 20V to 40V.

Their customer service is also accommodating, with great deals, discounts and warranties that would certainly capture the attention of many buyers.

3. Husqvarna

Husqvarna brand

Claiming to be the world’s largest producer of products that are meant for outdoor use, the Husqvarna brand has sold products in over 100 countries. No wonder they’re popular in the home improvement side of the brand spectrum.

This company offers a lot of products. These things also have varieties, which would appeal to those who want to have multiple choices. Their line of string trimmers come in either 2-cycle or 4-cycle engines. Engine sizes are as low as 24cc to 34cc.

True, they sell gas-powered machines, but they have great policies for the protection of the environment. Their engines don’t emit byproducts that are harmful to the environment. They keep emission to a minimum, effectively protecting the environment while also reducing the expenditure of gas. Their trimmers have prices that range up to $400.

4. Black and Decker

Black and Decker brand

Black and Decker: likely one of the most recognizable names when it comes to household appliances and components. Their products include power tools, vacuum cleaners and even coffee makers.

It’s an umbrella company to many other brands, but this one is the mother of them. They have been making and selling outdoor components since the ‘60s, so you can really rely on its capability to provide high quality products. Even their string trimmer line is lauded as a very popular series of lawn products.

5. Toro

toro brand

You may be familiar with the Toro brand, and you might think about winter when you read it. While they do specialize in snow throwers and other winter products, they also have machines that can be used for the other seasons of the year.

From its roots as a golf course and irrigation supplier, it has quite the experience when it comes to outdoor products. They have gas-powered and electric trimmers that come in corded and cordless varieties. It’s a versatile brand that sells versatile products.

Complete Buying Guide For An Electric Weed Eater

Keeping the weeds from ruining your garden requires a special tool. Although you can simply pluck them one by one using your hands, it is still a big help if you will have a weed eater to trim your garden. This way you will also prevent hurting your hands or causing your hands some cuts and bruises due to plucking the weeds.

Complete Buying Guide For An Electric Weed Eater
Complete Buying Guide For An Electric Weed Eater

When buying a weed eater, there are some key things to consider.

Different Lawn Requirements

Not all weeds are the same. They are some that are hard to pluck out, even with trimmers, while some weeds are easy to cut and trim. Because of this, you have to choose accordingly so that you can maximize your tool.

By considering the type of weeds you need to remove from your lawn, you will also be able to avoid choosing the model that will not be useful.

Corded or Cordless

Corded ones usually cost less and they are lighter in weight, but because of the cord, they are limited to use in the garden and you may not reach the end corners or edges. Aside from that, the corded weed eater gives a noisy sound when being operated, which requires you to use hearing protection when trimming the weeds in the garden.

On the other hand, the cordless one is battery operated and can be used in a free mobility. It allows you to reach even farther in your gardens, even the corners where grass and weeds are hard to pluck out. Although these ones are also easy to use, they are heavier due to the battery and one can be used for only 30 minutes in cordless. It takes hours to recharge and it is suitable for almost any weed cutting and trimming tasks.


The shafts vary in style. The straight shafts can reach longer because of its design. It is also better for tall users who need to cut the weeds under bushes or beneath the shrubs. Curved shafts are lighter to use and its design is easier to handle and use.

Some models are also in split shaft wherein the shaft is designed to accept edging blades, other yard tools, and leaf blower for easy weed trimming. Some add-ons can be used effectively as well for better garden weed plucking.

Most electric weed eaters come with shafts in straight and curved, while other models have rotating heads for other functions.

Features of an Electric weed Eater

New features are always added each and every time because manufacturers of the electric weed eaters know that customers go for one that is packed with great features. If you are buying one, it will be helpful if you will read the description or details of the product first to see all the features it provides.

  • Easy to use
  • With shoulder straps for easy carrying
  • Longer cord
  • No maintenance needed
  • No emissions
  • Lightweight
  • Low cost


The cost of the weed eater varies widely depending on the functions, reach, power, and features of the model. Prices may go up once in a while, but there are sellers, especially online, who offer these weed eaters on discounts. The retail price may range from $100 to $124 or higher depending on the brand and quality of the product. There are inexpensive ones that can be availed as well, but be on guard in terms of quality.

Where to buy

A weed eater is usually available in many garden supply stores in town. A good store that sells garden supplies should have one or more in stock because many gardeners always look for one. The store also offers different electrical weed eaters for rent to customers who cannot afford to buy one, or for those who will need one only for a little while.

There are also some garden suppliers that offer the weed eaters or garden trimmers online. Through the internet, you can view all the different models available for sale. It will be easier to pick and choose one that you need for your lawn through your computers and internet connection. If you are buying one to use on your own lawn, consider this guide and maximize the benefits of your electric weed eater as you trim your lawn and take care of your gardens at home.

Things To Know Before Buying Cordless Weed Eater

Cordless Weed Eater

Homemaking and landscaping have also afforded the capability to adapt to the changes and advancements in technology. These changes include the use of electricity as the energy source for components such as weed eaters. Before, the grass cutting mechanism was exclusively run by gas. Nowadays, a lot of people don’t like to use gas too much because they want to help save the environment. Well, that’s a good cause, and that is why there are companies that have developed wired trimmers and even cordless ones.


While most gas powered models of today emit less waste and function for longer periods of time, the corded variety can now do well also. It’s still very apparent that corded and battery-powered weed eaters aren’t ideal for tall grass or long-term de-weeding, but there are some products that can do well.

Now, if you have chosen a cordless weed eater for your home, then how would you choose one? Here are things to know before purchasing the cordless variety.

Get the feel of it

Go to your local hardware or appliance store and try out one of the cordless weed eaters for yourself so that you can discern your taste for it. You should consider the front handle if it’s adjustable for your convenience. You should also notice the weight; it should be unwieldy or uneven because you would need a well-balanced machine for your trimming activities. You need the controls to be within reach, so mind that, as well.

Cordless Weed Eater

You should also note that the cordless variety of weed trimmers have a heavier weight than their corded counterparts. It’s just logical because you’ll be holding the machine itself and the battery supply that comes along with it.

Mind the power & battery life

Cordless weed eaters give you more freedom of movement and more portability. You won’t have to worry about the snaking power cord that’s trailing you from behind, always constantly at risk of being trampled upon or accidentally cut by the machine itself. Most cordless models have Lithium-ion batteries that run on 40-80 volts of power. Most cordless weed eaters also have a battery life of 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the usage and their charging time is usually 3 hours. Make sure to fully charge the machine before using it again.

Batteries compatible with other machines

You should know that there are other outdoor components and machines that run on batteries. If you prefer a specific brand, then you should know that the batteries of these components might be compatible with other items. You can use one battery while letting the others charge. It would save you a lot of time and get you more output to your work.

Protective gear

Being able to use weed eaters would entail that you stay safe at all times. If you feel that safety is overrated, then you are completely and utterly mistaken. You should never risk your safety, especially when machines and sharp objects are involved. In the case of weed eaters, these machines have the tendency to spew out debris everywhere. Cut grass and weeds can be seen shooting from the turning blade all over the environment. You won’t want to damage your skin, your eyes or any part of your body.

The starting system

Cordless trimmers don’t utilize pull-starting mechanics. They were meant to function with just a push of a button. If you have familiarized yourself with the basics of turning the machine on and off, then you should always be aware of the position of the on-and-off switch. You won’t know when you would need to stop the cutting machine you are holding.


Ushering in the new can be a harrowing experience for anyone. A lot of changes can be expected, especially when it comes to the materials that people use every day. Still, change is good. The ways of maintaining the orderliness of a lawn or a backyard have also changed. Cordless components are now the rage of many a homeowner. This informative guide would help you gain new knowledge about cordless weed eaters while also telling you about the basics of the machine. Being informed is a great opportunity to discover and understand many products.

Can Weed Eaters Be Used To Cut Hedges And Pesky Shrubs?

Can Weed Eaters Be Used To Cut Hedges And Pesky Shrubs
Can Weed Eaters Be Used To Cut Hedges And Pesky Shrubs
Can Weed Eaters Be Used To Cut Hedges And Pesky Shrubs?

People who have gardens or backyard at home will need string trimmers or weed eaters to trim the grass. This powerful tool is designed to maintain the lawn from tall weeds or grasses. Weeds should be removed from the garden to keep the plants healthy. It is practical for garden keepers to get a tool that can be used on a lot of purposes, like one that can cut the hedges and the pesky shrubs as well.

In choosing a tool for the garden, one factor to consider as well is whether the tool is heavy-duty, especially if it will be used on a lawn or garden where the area is covered with other obstacles. Like shrubs and hedges, a simple string trimmer may not be suitable. The weed eater is a powerful tool ideally used to trim weeds, grasses, and shrubs, but they may cause dangers when used improperly.  They may not work well with other plants and hedges, which require other powerful tools.

Weed Eater is a brand for weed trimmer. In fact, it is the most popular one. Proper use of this tool is important not only to preserve the tool, but also to protect your own hands when using it.

Weed eater on hedges

Hedges or hedge grow are shrubs that are closely spaced together used to form a boundary or barrier. They are also used as a tree decoration in the garden because they can be trimmed to a specific shape and form. To trim them perfectly, a weed eater may not work well on hedges. Despite the fact that weed eaters are built to be powerful, yet they are not suitable for hedges.

There are hedge trimmers and hedge cutters available in the garden supplies stores, which is far better to use on hedges because they are designed for such purpose.

Weed eaters on pesky shrubs

Pesky shrubs are similar to hedges. They need regular trimming to maintain its form and shape, especially if they are intended as barrier or garden decoration. Since shrubs are much easier to trim and cut, a weed eater can be used for shrubs. Unlike with hedges, weed eaters are powerful on pesky shrubs because they do not need heavy duty trimmers.

How to use weed eaters?

Weed eaters can be used easily. A simple pull in its trigger will allow you to use it in different directions when needed. Hold the handle firmly and keep it a little closer to the ground to trim the weeds and cut them short. Make sure that there are no stones or pebbles along the way to prevent them from being thrown to different directions. They are functional and useful provided that you use them where they are intended to be used.

Weed eaters are powered either by electricity, battery, or gas. In corded or in cordless, most of these trimmers are built with new features to make your task easier. To be sure of the procedure, check the manual for instructions and see to it that they use the right battery or that they are plugged in the appropriate socket. For the gas-powered one, use the type of fuel recommended by the manufacturer to prevent problems.

Precautionary measures

As a powerful tool, the weed eaters work as efficiently as they are expected to. But you have to take precautionary measures as well to protect yourself and to prevent untoward incidences. When you trim the weeds or cut the pesky shrubs, it is best that you wear protective gears like eye glasses, gloves for your hands, and long sleeve shirts and long pants, or else your skin will get irritated from the debris.

Maintaining the backyard

Proper maintenance of your backyard or garden will make the task easy and more convenient. Even though you have the weed eater, do not wait for the weeds or grasses to grow tall before you trim them. A regular trimming once a month would be light enough to do instead of trimming them when they are already thick and tall.


After knowing more about the weed eater, how they are used, and whether it can be used to cut hedges and pesky shrubs, it is clear that this tool is suitable for weed trimming and to cut pesky shrubs. But for the hedges, it is best to use other tools instead, to prevent injury or to avoid the tool from being damaged.

Reasons For Which Echo Weed Eaters Are Considered To Be The Best Ones Available

There are many brands and there are many products. While some may really offer the same service and the same features, others mix it up by adding some dials, bells and whistles that would give the impression that it’s a completely new thing. It’s very common when it comes to products and services.

Ryobi Cordless String Trimmer
Image source: www.shanty-2-chic.com

But there are people who just take their chosen brands at heart. They have already experienced the quality service and performance of their favorite product, so they stick with the company that made it. When the user experience of an object is satisfactory, then the response warranted for its creator would certainly be positive.

There are people who actually have a hard time finding a weed eater brand that would soothe their anxiety in terms of product purpose and efficacy. Echo is a brand that claims to deliver in that respect. The Echo Weed Eater is actually a popular product. A lot of people swear by this brand and you could even see the positive reviews on their website. This company makes difficult outdoor tasks much easier.

The Weed Eater by Echo

The weed eaters that the Echo brand has produced have been considered the best on the market. The reviews in their webpage have praised the high quality standards of the company and the user friendliness of their wares. Performance is the key to the success of their products, so they make sure that each of their offerings has optimized designs and control schemes. Their weed eaters are efficient and more than capable of finishing the task.

Each weed eater from Echo was designed to cater to the specific needs of the homeowner or company. They have trimmers with curved shafts and ones that have straight shafts. Add-ons and useful accessories can also be attached to the weed eaters, making the experience more customizable and detailed for the needs of the user.

The Features

The Echo Weed Eaters have lightweight frames. They do not weigh down the user. They are also easy to use. You need only follow the instructions and remember the safety guidelines. You’ll have your yard work done in no time.

Just because it has a lightweight frame, it doesn’t mean it has a weak or sub-par engine. The Echo Weed Eater makes use of a professional grade 2 stroke engine. It would heighten and balance out the performance of the machine. Weeds and grass won’t stand a chance with this machine. The shaft is also long, so you can get to places you won’t otherwise have an easy time getting when using heavier or more unwieldy machinery.

Echo is versatile when it comes to the design of their weed eaters. Aside from your basic single-shaft trimmer, the company has also designed units that have split shafts, which are great when it comes to offering control and efficacy to the cutting power of the machine. The company also offers components and parts that would allow your weed eater to perform 50% more than the regular products on the market.

The Parts

The Echo Weed Eater is a product that is sold as a complete package. The essential parts are all included in the base package. While they offer instant replacement of parts, they actually seldom have customers that require replacement of parts, even on the long term side of the spectrum.

If you really require any repairs or replacement of parts, then you can rest easy knowing that the parts that are going to be needed for the weed eater are readily available online or in retail stores. You need not search in stores for parts that may not even be compatible because you’ll be secured in that respect.

The Conclusion

The weed eaters that are sold by Echo are durable, sturdy, helpful and very affordable. If you have a product that will last a long time, you would really feel that the price is just right for such. Having a strong and effective machine is a great investment. The Echo brand has found its way in the spotlight of outdoor components and services. You’ll not regret any product from this company. They’re dedicated to bringing only the best to their consumers.

Are You Concerned About Pesky Shrubbery – Get Rid Of The Same With Electric Weed Eater

When starting a garden, the first thing you will notice is the presence of the weeds and pesky shrubs on the grounds. You may think on getting rid of them first before you plant the garden with beautiful plants. The soil should be as healthy and nutrient-filled to ensure the growth of the plants, but with weeds all around the ground, it will be impossible. What you need is a regular weed removal using a weed trimmer. Aside from the weeds, you may also want to get rid of the pesky shrubs using the electric weed eater. It will be a big help in maintaining your yard or garden if you have a set of the garden tools, including the lawn mower and the weed eaters. Whether you are growing a row of shrubs for a purpose, or you keep them for a nice landscape, those pesky shrubs will need regular cuts and trims.

Are You Concerned About Pesky Shrubbery - Get Rid Of The Same With Electric Weed Eater
Are You Concerned About Pesky Shrubbery – Get Rid Of The Same With Electric Weed Eater

Shrubs can take a large part of your yard or garden. You must get rid of them from the form and prevent them from sprouting back again and again. As you decide to get a good weed eater that you can use on the shrubs and on the weeds on the grounds, think on how you can maximize this tool. Before you buy one, learn these simple comparisons and make your choice right for your purpose:

Weed Eater: Gas or Electric

Now that you have decided to buy one because your lawn needs it, your next decision to make is whether you will go for the gas or for the electric one. Most of the units commonly used nowadays are the gas powered ones because they tend to be more useful, especially in reaching thicker weeds. On the other hand, the battery operated and the electric one may yield for a limited time or for a limited area only. Whether you are using gas operated one or an electric one, the tool can be used to trim and cut the pesky shrubs in your garden.

The key to right choosing is to figure out first the size of your lawn where the weed trimmer is going to be used. If you have smaller lawn, you may go for the electric weed eater or one that is operated with a battery, but if you have a larger lawn and the weeds tend to grow more every now and then, you may want to get the gas operated one.

Pesky shrubs can be trimmed well and neatly using a weed eater, but if you are using an electric one, make sure that you have an electric socket near the area, or that you have a longer extension cord where you can plug the tool. If you are concerned about its form, shape, or size, proper control of the tool will help you maintain the shrubs and cut the pesky shoots.

Shaft: Straight or Curved

Most of the weed eaters are designed to have both the curved and straight shafts and that makes them multi-functional. The straight shaft design can reach more areas that the curved one could not reach, like the underneath decks, beneath the bushes, driveway edges, walkways, and other hard to trim weeds hiding in the shrubs. Straight shaft can be broken down easily as well or switched to accommodate other attachments such as leaf blowers, pruners, saw, or hedge trimmers. Although the straight shaft comes a bit heavier, its functions will suit your lawn care.

The curved shaft is a little lighter than the straight one. It is more preferred by most gardeners because of its lightweight feature. It also has an ergonomic design in weed trimming, which is why homeowners prefer to have one in a package.

For your concerns about the pesky shrubs, you should consider these comparisons when deciding to buy the tool. You can easily cut and trim the shrubs, and all the other weeds in your lawn or garden, with the electric weed eater as long as it is powered properly. An electric weed eater may have a battery to operate it even when unplugged, and this will be powerful enough to cut the pesky shrubs and make your gardens nice and beautiful again.