Cut Through the Edge: The Best .155 Trimmer Line

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Without a doubt, weed eaters are useful gardening tools that any household should have to keep their yard looking beautiful and neat. However, these practical tools cannot function properly without being equipped with a correct trimmer line.

Keep in mind that not all trimmer size will do - the thinner the line, the more it will struggle in pushing heavier brushes.

Thus, larger lines work perfectly when trimming heavy weeds as they are sturdier, thicker, and don't break easily.

With a wide range of options, the last thing that you'll have in mind is to end up with a faulty line. The use of a .155 trimmer line is the right choice, especially when doing massive works such as trimming large grassy areas and taming thin woody brushes.

For this reason, we've listed and reviewed the best .155 trimmer line to help you get the most of your money.


.155 Trimmer Line Picks - Top 3

Editor's Choices
Cyclone Desert Extrusion CY155S3 .155" x315' Commercial Line Red - Made in USA*
Best Feature
Extremely powerful cutting technology
Customer's Rating
Best Selling
Arnold .155-Inch x 109-Foot Xtreme Professional Grade Trimmer Line*
Best Feature
Customer's Rating

Best .155 Trimmer Line - Top 5 Reviews for 2020

Cyclone Red CY155S3, 0.155-Inch by 315-Foot Commercial Trimmer Line - Best High-Performance Trimmer Line

The Cyclone Red CY155S3 is a high-grade trimmer line made from a reinforced copolymer nylon material and comes in a six-bladed shape making it durable, strong, and extremely powerful.

The construction ensures a cutting-edge ability that can cleanly slice through a small, medium and large areas without any hesitancy and snag.

It comes in an amazingly versatile 315 feet length roll, which perfectly fits most models of gas-powered string trimmer and will definitely outlast your tool. The efficient and cost-effective properties of this trimmer line allow a lack of breakage even with frequent contact with metal objects.

The sturdy design ensures excellent performance even with high and aggressive speeds. In the long run, this can save a lot of wear and tear on the trimmer line and prevent it from giving out prematurely.

Overall, it can exceptionally hold up for a longer time, thus working through large amounts of weeds and grass without having to worry about breakage.

As a multi-sided trimmer line, the Cyclone Red CY155S3 can quickly and easily cut through different yards.

  • Features a multi-sided, six-blade shape
  • Delivers clean and beautiful cuts
  • Designed using high-grade polymers
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • A bit pricey
  • Tends to be noisy

 Oregon 22-455 Magnum Gatorline .155 Square String Trimmer Line - Most Robust Trimmer Line

The Oregon 22-455 Magnum Gatorline is made with a dual polymer material and aramid fibers. This comes with a square shape for superb cutting power, even with big and thick weeds for both commercial and heavy-duty trimming.

Its core layer is designed with high-performing polymers making it resistant to breakage. In contrast, the outer layer comes with another polymer material with anti-welding properties that can resist abrasions.

On top of that, it has aramid fibers that reinforce the outer layer of the trimmer line for added durability. This makes it more durable and capable of trimming through tall grasses and overgrown bushes.

This powerful line is designed with added versatility that can help ace even complicated yards and arduous projects.

Having a square shape, it is ideal for cutting down big and thick weeds that remain intact also when hit by rocks and trees.

Like any other trimmer line, Oregon 22-455 Magnum Gatorline may get brittle with continuous exposure to sunlight and heat. As a remedy, its manufacturer recommends submerging the trimmer in water to regain its normal state.

  • Highly durable and strong
  • Suitable for heavy-duty trimming
  • Powerful cutting edge efficiency
  • Highly affordable
  • A bit short at 84 feet

Arnold .155-Inch x 109-Foot Professional Trimmer Line - Most Economical Choice Trimmer Line

The Arnold Professional Trimmer Line has been known in the industry for decades, thus giving only the best quality for gardening tools due to the continuous experimentation and innovation. 

This product is highly compatible with various weed whackers of different brands and models. It comes with a maroon twisted shaped design making it a lot easier to see than those in gray shades.

The line can easily cut through thick grass and weeds in a pretty short time, giving a more efficient lawn maintenance time. Its construction is made with high-quality materials to enhance performance and durability. This also reduces noise and vibration in the equipment due to its shape.

Additionally, this trimmer line comes with 109 feet and six refills for more trimming efficiently with little weariness and tearing. Every package comes with a cutting tool to ensure getting the job done.

Overall, this twisted Arnold .155 Xtreme Professional Grade Trimmer Line may tend to be less durable than any other individual sharp edge string. But with considerations of its length and price, this is definitely a good deal. 

  • Long-lasting twisted line
  • Strong and robust cut
  • Less noise and vibration
  • Highly affordable
  • The cord might easily break off

Anleolife 3-Pound Commercial Square .155-Inch by 280-Ft String Trimmer Line - Optimum Choice for Heavy Duty Task

The Anleolife .155-Inch Square Trimmer Line is undoubtedly a good-quality product that offers a multi-side design that is far superior to other types in terms of its cutting ability.

Despite its robust and durable design, this trimmer line is available at an affordable price. 

This is made with plasticized nylon 66 to create a merely powerful and damage resistance product to ensure the best results even on the heaviest tasks in the yard, and this includes even the dense areas with overgrown weeds and grasses.

Moreover, the trimmer line is adaptable to various models, series, and brands, whether it is the gas or the electric ones.

In fact, the manufacturer even attaches a bonus line cutter with a cord for more comfortable and more convenient cuts.

Overall, the Anleolife .155-Inch Square Trimmer Line can efficiently and quickly trim heavier weeds and thicker grass with less cutting time due to its design and construction.

It's robust, efficient, and easy to use features will definitely keep your garden looking neat and beautiful.

  • Highly efficient 
  • Excellent and long-lasting performance
  • Adaptable to different types of trimmers
  • Easy and convenient to use
  • The bonus line cutter is not very useful

Grass Gator 20155A 10-Count 0.155-Inch by 21-Inch Trimmer Line - Most Durable Trimmer Line

The Grass Gator 20155A .155 Trimmer Line, though coming in a small package, offers an excellent cutting experience with its lightweight design and construction.

It is made using high-quality copolymers, which offers a directional aerodynamics technology for an optimum cutting experience. 

This is a perfect replacement line for both gas and electric trimmers of different types, styles, and brands.

The superior and state of the art wear of this trimmer line offer outstanding toughness that is engineered to ensure ultimate impact resistance.

Being a pre-cut trimmer line, this allows users to easily, quickly, and efficiently load the trimmer in no time.

The pretty durable design added with efficient construction guarantees only the best when it comes to trimming the weeds and grass in the yard.

With its five cutting edge aerodynamics technology, Grass Gator 20155A .155 Trimmer Line is guaranteed to have superior performance for all your cutting and trimming needs. The quality of the lines makes them last long, thus making them highly economical for trial uses. 

  • Pre-cut design
  • Highly durable
  • Cuts and trims efficiently
  • Highly economical for trials
  • A bit pricey for constant use

.155 Trimmer Line: The Buying Guide

1. What is a Trimmer Line?

.155 inch trimmer line

The use of a string trimmer or weed eater is a must to keep your lawn beautifully and adequately maintained. This ideal tool uses a string instead of a blade to cut grass, allowing you to reach even the problematic areas with ease and comfort.

The trimmer line is an essential mechanism of a weed eater, as it is responsible for cutting through weeds and grasses. This long material, similar to a string, is inserted to the tool to allow cutting through your yard.

Depending on the trimmer design, you can choose whether to use a pre-cut trimmer line or a spooled trimmer line. 

  • Pre-cut Trimmer Line
    The pre-cut trimmer system comes in individual lengths of line. This allows simple and quick changing of the line. However, you will also find yourself stopping more frequently due to gauge errors.
  • Spooled Trimmer Line
    The most common trimmer lines are available in a spooled system wrapped around the trimmer head. Even though reloading this line can be a bit tricky, this design makes reloading a lot easier and faster.

2. Picking the Best Trimmer Line

.155 string trimmer line

Before purchasing a product, be sure to consider these essential factors and qualities about trimmer lines. 

  • Material
    Most trimmer lines are manufactured using nylon and copolymer materials. These synthetic materials are hard enough to work well and cut almost all types of weeds.
    Titanium-made trimmer lines are also good options as they are extremely useful even for long runs. However, this material is a more expensive option.
  • Shape
    The perfect shape is necessary for choosing a trimmer line as it determines the power, vibration, and sound of the equipment. However, the shape will depend greatly on the model of your weed eater.
    The five significant trimmer shapes lines available in the market include spiral shape, square design, rounded shape, bladed shape, and twisted lines.
  • Size
    The thickness and diameter size of the trimmer line will determine the kind of work that it will produce. The large-diameter lines are for tough tasks, while the smaller diameter lines are for trimming thinner weeds.
    Larger trimmer lines, such as .155, are designed mainly for large-scale landscaping and heavy-duty works. 
  • Features
    Some additional features should be considered when it comes to picking your trimmer lines. Look for a line that can reduce the sound produced, especially if you are living in a residential area where noise is not welcome.
    Weather factors should also be kept in mind. Picking a trimmer line that works perfectly even on snow is a good choice if you are living in a snowy area.

.155 Trimming Line FAQs

What Determines the Life of My .155 Trimmer Line?

.155 square trimmer line

The durability of the trimmer line usually boils down to the quality of the material used in making the line. The best material is the titanium-made ones.

However, it is far from being budget-friendly. As an alternative, the copolymer nylon is a specially designed material that can also handle extra-resistant torture.

What is the Primary Consideration of Trimming Lines?

With the variety of trimming lines available, the main factor that you should consider is the compatibility of your string diameter on your machine.

Also, be sure to know the type of device you are using, whether electric, gas-powered or battery-operated, to determine which trimmer line works perfectly.

How to Find the Correct Trimmer Line Diameter?

trimmer line standard 0.155 diameter

Be sure to check the diameter of your trimmer line to determine whether it can handle your diameter of choice. Some low-end trimmers may not be able to handle .155 diameter trimmer lines. 

With that said, trimmers designed for industrial landscaping, large yards, and golf-course use can accommodate a .155 trimmer line. 

Final Thoughts

Using the right trimmer line that perfectly suits your yard size can make work easier and more efficient. The use of a .155 trimmer line enables the best results, especially on trimming large weeds and grass on huge gardens and large estates.

Among the items we reviewed, the Cyclone Red CY155S3, .155-Inch by 315-Foot Commercial Trimmer Line is our top option for the best .155 trimmer line.

This features a six-blade and multi-sided shape that cleanly and beautifully delivers cuts in your yard.

Cyclone Desert Extrusion CY155S3 .155" x315' Commercial Line Red - Made in USA*
  • 0.155 Inch Diameter and 315 Feet Long
  • Special copolymer formulation provides longer lasting commercial cutting
  • Patented 6 bladed shape for added cutting power
  • Choice of landscaping professionals
  • Made in the U.S.A.

With its highly durable construction, this trimmer line guarantees a long-lasting service to you and your yard.

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