How to Cut Grass Without a Weed Eater

how to cut grass without a weed eater

When the turf on your lawn starts to grow taller, it may require some trimming and edging. You need to use the right gardening equipment to cut them efficiently. Weed eaters are known to be one of the reliable tools you can use to keep your lawn neat and clean and even when those weeds grow near the fence or building. 

However, there might be circumstances where it is not possible to use a weed eater to cut and edge the grass on your lawn.

Your equipment is probably not functional and completely broken or you really just don’t have enough budget to invest in a weed eater. Whatever the reason is, you may find it a little challenging to cut the turf on your lawn without the proper gardening tool.

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How do you Take Care of Your Lawn When You Are on a Vacation?

How do you take care of your lawn when you are on a vacation

Everyone deserves a refreshing rest after a series of hectic months at work. Summer then becomes the perfect time for you and your family to have a good time before the kids return to school. July and August is that time of the year to put most of the things on hold.

As you head off to your well-deserved summer vacation, whether for days, weeks or months, you still have concerns about your beloved lawn. When you’re gone, the lawn still grows and this means it has to be attended to.

However, finding a willing neighbor or relative to help you out might be unattainable at times. There are still ways in which you can keep the lawn watered, nourished, and well-kept even in your absence.

These tips on how to take care of your lawn when you are on vacation will help ensure that you come back to your usual lavish lawn. 

Should You Establish a Lawn Care Business? Here’s All You Need to Know

Should You Establish A Lawn Care Business

Putting up a business is a tough field to go through. There are a lot of factors to consider before you settle down in a business venture that would bring in a reasonable financial gain. You have to make investments in equipment and other materials you need to start out a business before getting all the profit back to your savings. Although there are no certain outputs, sometimes you need to take a risky step to know how it will turn out.

If you are planning to establish a lawn care business, will it be worth to try? It is probably hard to tell but you won’t know unless you do it. It takes a lot of careful planning and saving before you get to the peak of success. Proper evaluation of your financial ability, the equipment to use, the market you should capture, and an effective advertisement is highly imperative.

Best Lawn Grasses for Warm- and Cool-Seasons

Best Lawn Grasses for Cool and Warm Seasons

The best lawn grasses are shown and discussed here for your successful lawn. Your front lawn is usually filled with flowers, bushes, and trees. It has lots of curb appeal and people walking and driving by love to see it all year long. Your backyard is where the kids and dog romp and play, and you have lunch on the deck cooking on the grill. Changes in the lawn’s looks and needs do happen. Or a new lawn needs to be put in if you don’t use sod for a new house build.

Best Lawn Grasses

How to Kill and Eliminate Weeds from Your Lawn

How To Kill And Eliminate Weeds From Your Lawn

How to kill weeds and put a stop to them returning with less work and less chemical weed killers is discussed here. Weeds are hardy and as my dad used to say, “A weed is a wildflower that you don’t want in your lawn.” Wildflowers are beautiful on the prairies, the woods, forests, and deserts. With healthy grass, these unwanted nuisances will stop growing.