The Best String Trimmer Replacement Head: the Things It Offers Will Make You Surprised

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String trimmers are a fantastic tool that every homeowner needs for gardening. It aids in cutting overgrown grass and weeds effectively.

However, a string trimmer is useless with a malfunctioning head.

If you find your trimmer head broken, it is time to replace the current with another actively working.

Wait, do not jump into buying so fast! Read our detailed reviews of the best string trimmer replacement head to make a wise decision.


Comparison Table of Top 3 Best Products

Editor's Choices
Husqvarna T25 Tap Advance String Trimmer Head, Weed Eater Attachments for Husqvarna’s 100-200...*
Customer's Rating
Best Feature
Good value for the price
MaxPower 3317233 PivoTrim Universal Replacement Head, 3 x 3 (.080 - .095 IN) fits line sizes,...*
Customer's Rating
Best Feature
Six pivoting lines to prevent breakage
Best Selling
Weed Warrior EZ Lock Universal Fit String Trimmer Replacement Head, black*
Customer's Rating
Best Feature
Great power suitable for semi-commercial use

Top 5 Best String Trimmer Replacement Heads of 2020

Husqvarna is a trustworthy name when it comes to manufacturing gardening tools. And this T25 model is a prime example.

First off, let’s talk about construction.

This trimmer head is made of imported materials, which makes the whole thing likely to last for years to come.

The model comes in a split design that will limit tangling and line welding. The cap on the bump head is intended for hassle-free replacement. You will not have to turn the head upside down like with other tools.

We appreciate the ultimate ease of use of this trimmer replacement head.

In particular, the reel is effortless to reload, and there are crafted arrows to show you the direction of winding.

Even newbies would have no problems using this excellent head.

The unit is designed to hold 0.065-inch, 0.080-inch, and 0.095-inch gauge trimmer line.

Versatility is another competitive edge of this Husqvarna tool.

It will seamlessly fit all straight shaft trimmers from Husqvarna, Stihl, Echo, and RedMax. Adapters are also included, which means the head is compatible with other brands available in the market, too!

  • Quick load
  • Great versatility
  • Maximum ease of use
  • Universal trimmer head
  • Average toughness

MaxPower PivoTrim Universal Replacement - Best For Durability

Another brilliant device that will help you deal with shaggy and untrimmed walkways! This trimmer head by MaxPower will not let you down at any cost.

This universal trimmer head cuts with six pivoting lines, which makes it incredibly quick at killing grass and weed. Gardening is never so time-saving thanks to this MaxPower model.

It does not stop there!

The pivoting lines play a role in preventing breakage so that you can enjoy the service of the replacement head for a long time.

The device accepts a 0.080-inch and 0.095-inch diameter line. It fits up to 99 percent trimmer heads on the market, regardless of the power type.

Hassle-free installation is what helps this unit earn a bonus. Different bolts are included in the purchase, allowing you to replace the head at ease. It takes only minutes for the attachment!

However, the instructions are of little help, unfortunately.

If you have no idea how to change out the trimmer head, it will be better to ask an experienced friend rather than relying on the guide.

There is a premium pre-cut trimmer line that comes with the head. If you fail to receive it, contact the dealer as soon as possible.

  • Breakage prevention
  • Universal trimmer head
  • Hassle-free installation
  • Unclear instructions

WW EZ Lock Head - Best For Power

We know everything will be easy with this head right from the name! Just kidding, this model is the best trimmer head for good reasons.

You can see that the body of the device is black while the string comes in red. It is visually appealing, yes, but more than that, these color options are intended to hide scratches and stains on the head.

Brilliant, right?

This Weed Warrior is what you need for an attractive lawn. It is capable of cutting with four lines for added accuracy and consistency. Therefore, you can consider it as a semi-commercial model.

Say goodbye to tangled string on the pool. Once you buy this trimmer head, you will be impressed with how quickly and easily the line loads.

Winding is pretty convenient, too! The EZ Lock Head offers fewer stops to change line compared to other competitors.

The model is a universal string trimmer replacement head that will seamlessly fit 99% of all curved and straight shaft shimmers. And more excitingly, the head is ideal for gas-powered trimmers.

  • Semi-commercial uses
  • Easy and quick load
  • Universal string trimmer
  • Eat up many lines

Husqvarna 537388101 Universal T35 - Best For Automatic Feed

Husqvarna trimmers always make a strong impression with outstanding qualities, so it is understandable, that we have another Husqvarna model on the list today.

Is this T35 superior to the T25 above? Basically, there are not many differences.

This advanced tap head features a thoughtful spool, which removes the need to turn the trimmer upside down for reloading. Just like its sibling T25, this model comes in a split design. It has an automatic feed once pushed into the ground.

There are two key lots in the spool, which is to lock the line and prevent it from unwrapping. This T35 trimmer head is capable of holding 0.065-inch, 0.080-inch, 0.95-inch, or 0.105-inch trimmer line.

The outstanding versatility remains the same. The model is compatible with Husqvarna, Echo, Stihl, and RedMax trimmers, as long as they have a straight shaft.

If you own a string trimmer of other brands, do not worry! The adapters included will help you to attach the head conveniently.

Judging from the small size and single line, the T35 head is not suitable for commercial purposes. Light-duty uses at home are recommended.

  • Split design
  • Two key slots in the spool
  • Adapters included
  • Light-duty uses only

Echo 99944200907 - Best For Even Cuts

This trimmer head deserves a place in your box of gardening tools. Let’s see the reasons!

The speed feed head works incredibly fast to trim all the overgrown grass and shaggy weeds. The overall performance is accurate and consistent.

This is all thanks to its working principle, in which the entire head works as a “push” button to activate the feed string. This excellent design allows it to cover more length and achieve an even cut.

Rest assured that this Echo model will give you the best landscaping experience ever.

Winding the line has never been so simple. If you are fed up with string line welding and tangling, you probably need this trimmer head.

Again, the instructions are an off-putting factor. The manual guide consists of tiny pictures and confusing assigned letters, which takes you quite a lot of time to figure out.

Fortunately, once you have sorted everything out, the installation would be straightforward to carry out.

This Echo replacement head is intended for curved or straight shaft trimmers of multiple brands.

  • Accurate and consistent cut
  • Hassle-free winding
  • Terrible instructions

How to Choose a Good String Trimmer Replacement Head?

If you have made up your mind on what to choose, congratulations! But in case you are still wavering over different options, do not skip our detailed buying guide below.

1. Types of Heads

best weed trimmer replacement head

The main factor that you need to take into account is your desired type of string trimmer head.

There are three main types of trimmer heads.

  • Fixed/ Line Head

With fixed/ line head, you will need to thread line after line in the head instead of winding the whole spool.

  • Pros: It is preferred for commercial purposes that involve using thicker lines. Another bonus of fixed/ line head is less maintenance required.
  • Cons: The trimmers have to stop whenever the lines need replacing, which is inconvenient and time-consuming.
  • Bump Feed

The second type is bump feed, which requires users to wind the lines on the spool via the opening manually.

  • Pros: Bump feed heads are straightforward to use, so homeowners with small sideways might be interested. Also, the amount of line used is under your total control.
  • Cons: If you use the head continuously, the spring will be prone to wear and tear and need replacement soon.
  • Automatic Feed

In the end, we have an automatic feed. Thanks to the line spooling motor, you no longer have to feed the lines manually as with other types.

  • Pros: The advantages of automatic feed are apparent. You do not have to push the head on the ground or feed the line on your own. Therefore, trimming is a whole easier and quicker.
  • Cons: The automatic feed heads are quite costly, not to mention it is difficult to replace the line spool motor on the system.

2. Grass

best string trimmer head for echo

The grass type and thickness are also a determinant factor when purchasing a suitable head.

If you have thick overgrown grass, consider a head that allows you to change strings with blades. While the strings are ideal for soft plants only, blades can handle weeds and grass effectively.

3. Size of the Head

The right size of the head depends on your yard. Small go with small, and large go with large.

For example, you should go for a trimmer head of over a 0.1-inch diameter to take care of an average to a large yard.

4. Single or Dual Line

best string trimmer power head

What is the difference between a single or dual-line?

Well, the single line is better at winding new lines, whereas a dual-line excels in cutting. Based on your demands, you should decide between the two.

Those who desire swift and speedy cuts are advised to bring home a dual-line trimmer head. Meanwhile, others looking for convenience cannot skip a single line head.

5. Compatibility

What is the point of buying the best string trimmer replacement head when it does not fit your trimmer?

Fortunately, most advanced heads are designed to fit the majority of trimmers on the market. Adapters are also included for improved compatibility.

Do make sure you check the product details to know whether the head is compatible with your trimmer or not.

Incredible Benefits of Having a Replacement Head

Even if your current trimmer head is working well, you should still have a replacement head at home. Why so?

1. Backup

best line trimmer replacement head

Who knows if your trimmer head suddenly breaks, right?

With a replacement head right there, you will not have to pause in the middle of trimming the lawn. Simply attach the new head, and you can resume the work immediately. How convenient!

2. Safety

You should not risk running the strimmer with a worn-down head, even if the head has not shown any signs of breakage. Otherwise, you might put yourself under the danger of accidents or injuries.

When the head has been there for too long, it is advisable to make a replacement for safety.

3. Improved Efficiency

best string trimmer head for stihl

A replacement head offers improved efficiency. It is new, so it reasonably works more effectively than your old trimmer head.

What’s more, the completely new head will use up less energy, regardless of the power type of your trimmer.

To Wrap Up

This is the end of our article. We hope you’ve learned useful knowledge here, and thank you for spending time with us.

One more thing, if you ask for the best of the best string trimmer replacement head, we cast our vote for Husqvarna T25. It is high-quality and affordable to aid in your landscaping experience.

Husqvarna T25 Tap Advance String Trimmer Head, Weed Eater Attachments for Husqvarna’s 100-200...*
  • Fits:322L
  • Easy to use
  • Holds 0.065-inch, 0.080-inch or 0.095-inch guage trimmer line
  • Split Spool design
  • Comes pre-wound with .080" (T25C) or.095" (T25)TitaniumForce™ trimmer line.

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