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Handling a heavy-duty string trimmer can be quite a workout. It weighs a good bit and generates continuous vibration, causing discomfort to the user when in operation. 

That's why you can count on the best string trimmer harness to cushion the strenuosity. 

A well-made string trimmer harness takes the tool's pressure off your body, giving a nice buffer zone between you and the engine vibration. We will now discuss the best harness options so that your buying decision won't be a challenge. 


Top 3 String Trimmer Harness: A Comparison Chart

Editor's Choice
Husqvarna 523048201 Balance XT Trimmer Harness*
Hipa 4119 710 9001 String Trimmer Full Harness for STHIL FS, KM Series String Trimmer*
Price not available
Amazon Prime
Best Feature
Best Upper Body Support
Best Adjustable Harness
Customer's Rating
Editor's Choice
Husqvarna 523048201 Balance XT Trimmer Harness*
Price not available
Best Feature
Best Upper Body Support
Customer's Rating
Hipa 4119 710 9001 String Trimmer Full Harness for STHIL FS, KM Series String Trimmer*
Amazon Prime
Best Feature
Best Adjustable Harness
Customer's Rating

Why Should You Wear A Trimmer Harness?

1. Safety

A string trimmer harness can save you from many unwanted accidents. The strap gives you a safety net, so if the weed eater slips out of your hands, it won't fall to the ground just yet.

If you are working with lightweight brush cutters, a cutter harness may not be necessary. But it sure is nice to have in your toolkit when you choose to get down to business. 

2. Comfort

string trimmer strap lowes

A quality weed eater harness can shift a part of tool weight from your shoulders to the shoulder straps. Working for continuous hours with a string trimmer will be taxing on your muscles.

And a harness will create more room for easily moving your arms and hands. It thus makes your lawn experience more comfortable. 

3. Reduced Pressure

If the trimmer is not lightweight, it will be very hard to hold it for a long time. Especially if you have a huge yard, the work can end up with nasty backache, and you won't feel your arms.

That's why a brush cutter harness comes into play to reduce the pressure on your body. 

5 Best String Trimmer Harnesses 

Husqvarna 523048201 Balance XT - Best Upper Body Support Harness

Husqvarna 523048201 Balance XT is hands down one of the best trimmer harnesses. If you want a harness that does the best at what it is designed for - providing upper body support, this harness is the go-to choice. 

The Husqvarna is built to last, making it an ideal harness for continuous heavy-duty lawn jobs. It brings a superior comfort compared to many mainstream harnesses on the market, mostly thanks to the body-shaped backplate.

Besides the ability to adjust itself in 3 different positions, the Husqvarna has the shoulder straps that closely follow your body movement. It allows for even weight distribution and reduces the pressure on your upper body.

Wearing a Husqvarna harness means you will have a true relief from back pain. It has plenty of room to adjust for big folks, so your body size should not be a concern.

The hook on this harness is built with a spring-tensioned latch, which prevents the machine from being unintentionally disconnected. 

The release design is also worth the praise. It has a plastic portion with serrations mold into it to enhance the grip. While making it easy to release the strap, its design still ensures safety during your work. 

The funny thing about this Husqvarna Balance XT trimmer harness is that even though it is designed to reduce the weight, the harness itself is not quite lightweight. With that being said, you won't feel the weight that much when wearing it.

This harness also does not include a plastic ladder piece to capture the nylon hip belt. It is more like a minor quibble considering all the features this harness offers. 

  • Impressive upper body support 
  • Durable materials for heavy-duty projects 
  • Snug fit to many different body sizes
  • Convenient accessory pocket 
  • Secure hook and release design 
  • Not lightweight
  • No plastic ladder piece

HIPA Trimmer Full Harness for STIHL FS, KM Series - Best Adjustable Harness

Holding a string trimmer for long hours can be a tedious task, HIPA string trimmer full harness can help you take the stress out of your lawn job. With a highly adjustable strap, HIPA reduces body fatigue and facilitates your movement while working in your yard. 

Especially if you are using a STIHL trimmer any KM series, the HIPA full harness is the most compatible option. This trimmer comes with a hole so that you can clip the shoulder sling to it. It also has a chest hook to ensure the perfect fit for your body.

The straps can take quite a while to configure at first, but once you figure out your snug fit, it's just set-and-forget for the next time.

It's advisable to start the engine before clipping it in. This helps you to adjust the strap easily, making the weight distributed evenly on both shoulders.

This HIPA harness is so flexible that you can use it to trim higher than ground level. The STIHL trimmer hole is near the gravity center of the tool, so you just need to pull it gently to raise the trimmer head.

One thing to notice before buying a HIPA harness is that its design is not compatible with left-handed people.

Also, as its name refers, this harness is cut out for STIHL FS and KM string trimmer series. Make sure your machine falls into this category; otherwise, you are going to buy a good harness but doesn't fit. 

  • Highly adjustable straps
  • Flexible shoulder sling and chest hook for a perfect fit
  • Easy to install 
  • Wide range of movement 
  • Designed for right-handed users only 
  • Limited compatible trimmers

STIHL OEM Standard Harness - Best Flexible Standard Harness

With the double straps, STIHL OEM Standard Harness will free you from shoulder pain and back pain. It is thus another option for anyone looking for a useful harness to work with. 

As a standard harness but produced by STIHL, it's fair to expect durability and flexibility over the long run. The grip on this STIHL OEM harness is quite soft, but the body is sturdy. 

Along with high-quality steel and plastic materials, this harness can at least live as long as your machine.

Wearing this harness won't block you from any of your movements. Besides removing all the strain from your shoulders and back, it also supports your handling on the machine, giving you more control over the cutting operation.

One of the best parts about STIHL OEM Standard Harness is its simple configuration. It won't take you much effort to adjust it to your body and the machine. 

One of the downsides of this harness is that it seems to overfocus on shoulder and back support that compromises a little bit of its functionality on arms and hands.

As compared to other high-quality harnesses, the STIHL OEM Standard Harness is not as good at providing even weight distribution on the user's upper body. 

  • Flexible movement 
  • More control on machine operation
  • Reduced strain on the body
  • Soft padded shoulder straps
  • Less support on arms and hands
  • Less even weight distribution than other models

Hanperal Black Comfort Trimmer Harness - Best Lightweight Harness

The double shoulder strap on the Hanperal is made of soft nylon, making the harness lightweight and easy to slip on. If you want a basic harness that comes with a compact design, this is it.

This harness is suitable for various hedge trimmers; it has greater compatibility than the STIHL harnesses. Such popular trimmer models as STIHL, Husqvarna, ECHO can all work with Hanperal harnesses. 

However, if you are looking for a heavy harness to tackle a robust 4-cycle machine, Hanperal may not be a good choice.

The waistband on the Hanperal harness is easy to adjust. You just need to buckle it up, fix it to your own size, and you're good to go.

Despite its simple design, Hanperal still provides good support and distributes the weight evenly across your shoulders.

It has double harness straps and impact-softening shoulder pads, ensuring the user's comfort while wearing it with a string trimmer. There won't be much pressure on your shoulders, hands, and wrists.

The Hanperal harness does not come with any instruction. It can be tricky for first-time users to figure out how to configure the straps. Still, the learning curve is not steep; you will get used to it after a few times of practice. 

  • Compact design with soft straps
  • Easy-to-adjust waistband 
  • Suitable with any trimmer models
  • Impact-softening shoulder pads
  • Not durable enough for commercial heavy-duty trimmers
  • No instruction included

KISSTAKER Trimmer Harness - Best Affordable Entry-Level Harness

KISSTAKER Trimmer Harness is one of the best harness options if you are on the budget. This harness offers enough support for lightweight and medium lawn tasks. If you just need some touch-ups on your yard once in a while, KISSTAKER Trimmer Harness is good to go. 

Typical features of a quality harness can all be found on the KISSTAKER. It has a durable strap and lightweight nylon belt, making it convenient for your machine to operate without imposing too much pressure on your body.

The KISSTAKER trimmer harness strap can fit both men and women; the adjustable shoulder strap makes it fit for all body sizes. It has an additional foam layer on the strap to reduce sweat when wearing it with the machine.

Another selling point of this harness is its hooking system. It offers a secure hook that can hold your tool with ease. And at its price, KISSTAKER is truly a competitive standard harness for trimmers.

One disadvantage of the KISSTAKER harness is that the plastic clip is not quite strong. Hooking it in is easy, but releasing it can be quite tricky.

  • Affordable price 
  • Basic and reliable strap and belt
  • Foam layer to reduce sweat
  • Convenient hooking system
  • Not suitable for long-hour jobs
  • Difficult to release

Best String Trimmer Harness Buying Guide - Factors to Consider

1. Type of Trimmer

string trimmer harness clamp

Some trimmers just need a standard harness; others require a harness that is specifically designed for them. 

A harness that matches well with the tool will give more comfort to your overall body. It can increase your working time, especially for gardeners that use trimmers on a regular basis. 

2. Durability

If you are going to use the trimmer a few times a year to refine your yard, a cheap harness with decent durability is enough. However, the more frequent you use it, the more durable the harness has to be.

A quality harness won't snap and break because it is made of materials that can stand stretching and hold up well with the overall weight of the trimmer. 

3. Weight

You probably want a harness that is as lightweight as possible. A harness is designed to reduce the weight of the tool on your body, so a heavy one will definitely be counter-productive.

However, don't let those lightweight secondhand harnesses fool you. A used harness is never a good idea.

You will never know how much time they can hold before snapping or falling apart. 

string trimmer harness ring

4. Adjustability

It's crucial for a harness to fit snug to your body, ensuring both safety and comfort when operating. There are now many harnesses that are flexible enough to fit many types of trimmer.

Along with its adjustability, a good harness should also come with padded straps to reduce the strain on the hips and shoulders. 

5. Accessories

string trimmer strap

The best trimmer harness should offer accessories to add more value to its price. These add-ons can either help distribute the weight more effectively or allow for a wider movement when working. 

It's understandable for any buyer to expect a package with some extras so that they will have more ways of using it.


Wearing a harness strap when working with a string trimmer will free you from the strenuous feeling of holding the machine for a long time.

Among all the best string trimmer harness options above, Husqvarna 523048201 Balance XT should be the best overall pick.

Husqvarna 523048201 Balance XT Trimmer Harness*
  • Body shaped backplate for support. Can be adjusted in three different positions to fit different body sizes.
  • The shoulder straps follows the movements of the shoulders and gives an improved weight distribution.
  • The shock absorbing hip pad will protect the hip from strain, and help the user to work easier and with a larger room for movement.
  • This product is optimized with features that makes it comfortable for both men and women

If comfort and durability are also your priorities when choosing a harness, you would probably have the same answer.

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