Why Do You Need to Have a Ryobi 4 Cycle Trimmer?

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String trimmers are a very useful tool, helping you clean the grass around the house, paths even in the garden quite easily.

When referring to string trimmers on the market today, there are many reputable brands trusted by many customers.

All of these products can meet the needs of users. However, to ensure the best service for the job, customers need to consider carefully before making a purchase.

Of all string trimmers, we recommend the Ryobi 4 cycle trimmer.

Do you know why?

Okay, let’s follow this article to explore more information about this fantastic product!


Ryobi 4 Cycle Trimmer - The Reason You Should Choose!

1. About Ryobi Brand

ryobi 4 cycle trimmer review

To learn about the Ryobi 4 cycle trimmer, let's find out some information about the Ryobi brand!

Ryobi was founded in 1943 in the city of Hiroshima, Japan. Although it is not a famous brand like Craftsman in the US, it is still considered as one of the most prestigious power tool brands in the world today.

Ryobi is the largest and most innovative electrical appliance brand in the world. In addition to electrical equipment, Ryobi is also famous for its products of washing machines, string trimmers of various models, good quality, and affordable prices. Therefore, all of the products from this brand are trusted by users to choose from.

Ryobi products always emphasize convenience, performance, and sophistication exactly as consumers expect from big brands like Craftsman. In the United States and Canada, Home Depot owns the exclusive right to sell this brand.

2. The Features Of Ryobi 4 Cycle Trimmer

ryobi 4 cycle trimmer amazon

Ryobi 4 cycle trimmer is one of the best string trimmers of the Ryobi brand. The 4-cycle engine has a very high power of operation that can easily cut off many different layers of grass, including small branches blocking the road.

Ryobi 4 cycle trimmer is manufactured on modern lines and according to Japanese quality standards. The machine parts are made strictly on the contemporary range of European standards. Therefore, you can be assured of the quality of the machine, ensuring the engine works stably and persistently over time.

Ryobi 4-cycle trimmers work on the principle of Load, Compression, Explosion, Discharge, so it is very economical to use fuel. This device works very smoothly and environmentally friendly. Besides, the product also has very high durability and no cost of fuel during use.

Because using the 4-cycle engine, when operating, it makes very little noise. When in operation, this string trimmer with a 4-cycle engine runs very smoothly, thereby making very little noise compared to 2-cycle engines. Therefore, it is considered a suitable device for use in places where noise is limited and densely populated areas.

Besides, for Ryobi 4 cycle string trimmers, the replacement and repair of components are also easier. This is also one of the excellent features of this string trimmer.

Of course, with the advantages of overcoming the shortcomings over the 2-cycle trimmers, the Ryobi 4 cycle trimmers cost more than the 2-cycle trimmers.

ryobi 4 cycle trimmer oil

Thus, with the information we provided above, we can summarize the evaluation of this Ryobi 4 string trimmer like below:

  • Produced by modern technology
  • 4 cycle engine has an enormous operating capacity
  • High quality, high durability, long service life
  • Quiet operation and environmentally friendly
  • Less expensive raw materials during use
  • Less noise
  • Easy to repair and replace components
  • More costly than 2 cycle trimmers

3. Some Notes of the Manufacturer

ryobi 4 cycle trimmer manual

To help you use Ryobi 4 cycle string trimmers safely and effectively, the manufacturer recommends that the following basics be kept in mind.

  • First of all, to start mowing the trimmer, you have to fill up the tank with fuel and add about 0.1 liters of oil.
  • When starting the machine, you need to close the windscreen wiper so that the engine runs evenly. Then slowly open the windscreen wiper to medium level and start the scooter.
  • When using, you should not close the windscreen wiper because it may cause sudden death and shorten the life of the device.
  • Do not leave the windscreen wiper in the highest mode as this will run the machine with high power. This causes the device to overheat quickly, reducing its lifespan and consuming gasoline.
  • When using the string trimmer for the first time, leave the machine idle for a few hours, when the engine is lubricated, the device will work better.
  • During use, when one tank of fuel is out, you should allow the device to rest for 5-10 minutes. This will give the machine time to cool the engine and work well for a long time.
  • Although the device has a large capacity, you should avoid working the machine for many hours continuously because of heating the engine, and it quickly breaks down.
  • For the first time, after using the machine for 9-10 hours, you should change the oil. For the next time, about 25-30 hours of use, you change the oil one time.

4. Should You Buy Ryobi 2 String Trimmers?

ryobi 4 cycle trimmer parts

Using a 4-cycle engine in the construction of string trimmers is considered a new step for this product. Ryobi 4-cycle trimmers are significantly improved compared to the previous 2-cycle products. If the 2-cycle engine still exists many difficulties for users, then with the 4-cycle, those things seem to have been completely solved.

When buying a Ryobi string trimmer, you have the flexibility to choose between a 4-cycle trimmer and a 2-cycle trimmer depending on the purpose of use and current economic conditions. If you are working on a lot of string trimmers, then you can invest in machine 4 to increase productivity.

However, if you can not afford, do not hesitate to choose a 2-cycle trimmer. Its function is still not inferior to Ryobi 4 cycle product. Ryobi 2 cycle trimmer can even help you complete the pruning work. And of course, its power will not be as high as a 4 cycle string trimmer.

Final Thoughts

The above is relevant information about the Ryobi 4 cycle trimmer. According to user reviews, this product is a great choice, can meet a lot of work-related to pruning in your home and garden.

If you are looking to buy a good string trimmer, do not hesitate to own a Ryobi 4 cycle string trimmer!

Thanks for reading!

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