The Best Cordless Weed Eater – the Most Efficient Choice

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Every respectable householder wants his yard neat and presentable, and often wants the credits for such a look of his home as well.

Well, with the right equipment, you can beat any gardener in the neighborhood with the minimum effort invested!

Now, I know what you’re probably thinking:

"I don't have the patience to deal with noisy, gas-powered, complex weed eaters."

But you don’t have to!

With the best cordless weed eater, you can make your yard a pure aesthetic haven without fuel changing, loud noises, and fumes. Sounds incredible? Well, check them out and see for yourself!


Best Cordless Weed Eater : Top 7 Picks 

Editor's Choices
DEWALT 40V MAX* XR String Trimmer, 6-Ah Battery (DCST990H1)*
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Best performance
CRAFTSMAN V60* WEEDWACKER String Trimmer & Edger (CMCST960E1)*
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Best performance
Best Selling
Worx String Trimmer Cordless GT3.0 20V PowerShare 12" Edger & Weed Trimmer (2 Batteries & Charger...*
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DEWALT DCST990H1 – Top Pick Cordless Weed Eater

As much as battery-powered weed eaters are believed not to have the performance like the gas-powered ones, they surely can get close. DEWALT DCST990H1 is just the product that proves the hypothesis.

If you’re looking for a beast of a weed eater, this is the product for you. It can easily cut through the hardest and the most stubborn grass and weeds.

It includes a premium 6 Ah, 40V lithium-ion battery of high capacity, and a battery charger as well. Now having in mind that most of the cordless strimmers have 20V battery, this is a pretty good deal.

Furthermore, it runs on the brushless motor, proven to provide more runtime and longer life while improving the quality of the very weed eating. It cuts through everything!

Specially patented gear drive design enables better torsion and speed cut under the heavy load. It is compactly hidden in a metal case for safety reasons as well for better maintenance and prolonged durability.

Additionally, Xenoy housing is impact-resistant and provides an excellent way to preserve your product without any damage for years.

The fusion of a dual 0.080 inches line with a bump feed head and a fifteen-inches cutting swath provides the best performance, controlled by you via speed trigger. Moreover, it has a padded auxiliary handle for easier maneuvering.

  • High capacity battery
  • Charger included
  • Gear drive design
  • Excellent performance
  • Durable
  • Battery life might present a problem

Craftman V60 Cordless 15-in.String Trimmer with Quickwing Kit – Runner Up Cordless Weed Eater

You don't want a loud gas-powered weed eater, but you want similar performance with upgraded features? Don't skip Craftman String Trimmer, because it's just the product for you.

This incredible battery-powered weed eater features a high-efficiency Brushless motor improving deliverance of the power from the battery to the cutter significantly, speeding the mechanism up and making your job more efficient.

Since we mentioned the battery, it includes 60v 2.5Ah Lithium-ion battery and can provide the runtime to complete up to 1/4 acres of property. That's twice as much power as the competing products in the branch. It has a long runtime and comes with a fast charger, so you most certainly won't have any additional expenses.

This weed eater has a 15" Swath with dual 0. 080"/0.095" twist line, bump feed system and a switch with 2 speeds for higher power or longer runtime. In this way, you are entirely in control of battery and power usage, choosing the minimum runtime when you want to save the battery or maximum when you want to finish the job quickly.

It features an adjustable auxiliary handle and ergonomic telescoping pole for better control and ergonomics.

If you are not sure about the durability of this product, maybe a 4-year limited warranty it comes with will set your mind at ease.

Finally, battery and charger are interchangeable with other Craftsman V60 tools. So practically, you get one essential gardening tool which you can combine with many others. 

  • Powerful battery
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable auxiliary handle and ergonomic telescoping pole
  • Charger included
  • 2 power speeds
  • A 4-year limited warranty
  • Guard is a bit smaller

WORX WG163 GT 3.0 – The Most Economical Cordless Weed Eater

If you care to get the best price for the quality, don’t forget to check WORX WG163 GT 3.0. For more than an affordable price, you get a high-quality product with the same specifications as the more expensive competition.

First of all, what you get for more than 70$, which is how much this fantastic item cost isn't just a weed eater, but an edger as well. It can become a trimmer or an edger in seconds without any additional parts or tools.

Another innovative feature of this weed trimmer is a mobile head that tilts in 90° enabling you to get to hard- to- reach places and trim more neatly without damaging flowers.

Additionally, this functional tool includes two 20V Power Share MaxLithium batteries, which are interchangeable for all Worx products. A charger is in the set as well.

Furthermore, it has a specially engineered spool system for quick line feeding. The system relies on a push-button instant mechanism that saves both time and energy. Plus, you get free spools for life, so you are safe from any additional expenses.

Finally, this item is pretty lightweight and easy for maneuvering; it weighs only 5.3lbs. It has 12 inches cutting diameter, and 10 inches cutting weight while its no-load speed reaches up to 7600 rpm.

  • Affordable
  • Free spools
  • Two interchangeable batteries
  • Push-button system
  • Trimmer+ edger
  • A bit low battery power

Toro PowerPlex – The best Battery Properties

Toro manufacturer promotes itself as a brand that delivers durability, productivity, and performance through its premium quality products. Thus, The Toro PowerPlex weed eater proves to be a reliable choice. 

Let’s start by explaining the core mechanism. Toro PowerPlex uses DC lithium motor, proven to be more productive by providing better run time, more power, and longer life than brushed motors.

Moreover, it incorporates 0.08 inches dual-line for most efficient trimming and a bump feed for improved line control.

You can rest assured that nothing can damage your trimmer since it consists of a cast aluminum head for protection and durability.

Now the batteries. Its T90 battery has 40V and with 90 watt-hours provides 40 minutes of continuous trimming. Furthermore, the quick charger, which is also part of this set, charges the battery in only one hour to its fullest potential. Now, this is not all. The battery is interchangeable for all Toro products, so you may save a significant amount of money by buying bare products and using the same cell.

What this innovative design also features is an assist handle that can adjust for easy manipulation and a straight foldable shaft that eliminates any storage difficulties.

Finally, the manufacturer provides a three-year warranty for the item and a one-year warranty for the batteries, ensuring the durability and quality of its product.

  • Brushless motor
  • High-power battery
  • Assist handle
  • Interchangeable battery
  • Foldable for easy storage
  • Warranty
  • None

Greenworks 12-Inch 40V Cordless – The Largest Battery System

Even though a relatively new brand, Greenworks ambitiously marches to glory with the innovative design of its products and a full pallet of items. The innovative design is precisely the reason why Greenworks 12-Inch 40V Cordless is worth considering.

Firstly, Greenworks 12-inch 40V Cordless weed eater is compatible both for men and women due to its lightweight design and easy utilization.

It incorporates a 40V interchangeable battery that lasts more than 30 minutes of unstoppable trimming. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery uses the technology of cutting edge for maximum power. Furthermore, this battery can be on more than 25 different Greenworks items which save a lot of money on a larger scale, having in mind you can buy bare products.

An inevitable part of this beastly weed eater is 0.065 inches dual-line, which in combination with auto-feed head, can cut through anything and stylize your yard in no time.

You want to be in control of speed and power? Well, a variable speed trigger enables you to operate your tool as you wish.

When it comes to cutting path, it covers 12 inches with no effort, minimum vibration, and the best part is it. Forget about maintenance, fuel, pollution. Get this beauty and trim your yard to perfection!

  • Interchangeable battery
  • High battery power
  • Lightweight
  • Dual-line
  • Auto-feed head
  • 12 inches cutting path
  • Runtime

Husqvarna Battery Straight Shaft – Easy Maneuvering

Cordless weed eaters are a supposedly popular choice because of the functionality and more comfortable usage. Yet, not every cordless model has a practical design that makes maneuvering easy. Luckily for you, Husqvarna Battery Straight Shaft has. 

This model is powered by an electric brushless motor, providing maximum efficiency by significantly improving the run time while at the same time enhancing the longevity of the product. The engine has a save mode installed to maximize the run time when needed and finish the trimming expertly. 

Additionally, it includes a 40V lithium-ion battery and a charger, which saves you from any unexpected costs. Plus, the durable battery, in combination with 14 inches cutting swath, enables you to finish the cutting in no time, with minimal effort.

Moreover, this model is exceptionally light, it weighs only 8.9 pounds, and Its telescopic shaft adjusts to different heights so the maneuvering won’t be a problem at all.

The optimal noise level decreases the tension between you and your neighbors and makes trimming an enjoyable activity, which is no longer an attack on your hearing. The exact sound pressure level it creates is seventy-seven decibels.

Finally, with a two-year warranty, you can trim all you want, assured you did not waste your money because this item will last.

  • 40V battery
  • Charger included
  • Telescopic shaft
  • 14inches cutting swath
  • Lightweight
  • Noiseless
  • Battery and charger may deteriorate in quality after a while

EGO Power+ ST1500 15-Inch-The Best Specifications

Renewed design and upgraded features always come with an inevitable increase in price. Such is the case with EGO Power+ ST1500 15-Inch.

This incredible product has no competition on a rising market of cordless weed trimmers. Its upgraded design and surprising specifications set a pretty hard-to-achieve standard when it comes to products of this kind.

First of all, while the branch rivals worth mentioning have mostly the maximum voltage of the battery 40V, this incredible machinery uses a 56V POWER lithium-ion battery. Furthermore, it incorporates a high-efficiency brushless motor, which in combination with the array of power this high, performs closest to gas-powered trimmers.

In addition to this, EGO Power trimmer uses a dual-feed line, 0.095 inches in diameter, and has a 15-inches cutting swath, which is significantly higher in comparison to the competing products.

It also incorporates an extended aluminum shaft with an in-line grip for a more convenient maneuvering and improved weather-resistance.

A five-year warranty assures the longevity and durability of the product and a 3-year warranty for the battery system.

The only disadvantage is that the item comes without batteries. However, they are interchangeable for all products powered by EGO POWER+ Arc Lithium Batteries, so If you buy different equipment by this manufacturer, you can save some money.

  • High battery power
  • Improved specifications
  • 15 inches cutting sway
  • Weather-resistant shaft
  • Brushless motor
  • The battery system is not in the set

Types of Weed Eaters and The Best Choice

Weed eaters have been on the market for a long time. Even though the original gas-powered version is still the commercial leader, some upgraded, new versions appeared as a threat for the weed eating throne.

Now let's see what the three main variants of weed eaters are and what are the advantages and disadvantages of owning them.

1. Gas-powered Weed Eaters

As we have previously mentioned, gas-powered weed eaters are still the absolute winners on the market. Why? 

Well, simply because they have the highest engine power, which makes them the most effective in weed eating. You can easily cut through any weed with a more excellent range of motion than with corded weed eaters, for example. Also, people tend to choose reliable products with a long existence on the market, and also identify the quality with the price. 

Now although gas-powered weed eaters have no worthy competitors when it comes to power, they have some drawbacks as well. 

First of all, they are expensive, and they require costly maintenance.

best cordless weed eater

Secondly, they release gases and cause pollution. Plus, they make loud noises and are pretty hard for maneuvering.

2. Corded Weed Eaters

When it comes to corded weed eaters, they are a decent option for the limited lawns and home usage. They are not as loud as gas-powered weed eaters, they are easier for users, but they are not as powerful. While they are more lightweight and silent, as well as affordable and eco-friendly in a way, they have some disadvantages.

First of all, the length of the cord limits your range of motion.

Second of all, you need a source of power- a wall plug. So, If you don't have it on the outside part of your house, you will have to plug it in somewhere in the house and then stretch the cord out through the window, which is not so functional. 

3. Cordless Weed Eaters

best affordable cordless weed eater

Now, the final reconciliation of the two versions mentioned above came in the form of cordless weed eaters. While they don’t use the gas which pollutes the environment, they neither have limitations in the way of cords. They are battery-powered.

Now, this comes with many advantages. You can cut through weed freely, with a wide range of motion, without making noise or releasing dangerous gases. They are pretty convenient for usage, not as heavy as gas-powered ones, but also not as powerful. Battery-life cannot compare with the hours of weed-eating you get with the gas-engine.

How can we fix this? 

Well, many powerful batteries last longer and give more power to the mechanism. Furthermore, if you charge the battery overnight, you will probably have enough energy to finish the work the other day.

Why Should You Buy a Cordless Weed Eater?

In conclusion to this, we can say the best compromise of all advantages and disadvantages is the cordless weed eater.

Let's get real; you don't need that much power for cutting the grass in your yard; you can choose a good battery and charge it regularly to get the job done. 

Furthermore, you will not pay a fortune for this necessary tool but still do the job effectively. If you finally decide to buy one, here are the key points you should pay attention to.

 best battery operated weed eater for the money
  • Battery life - Do not set for anything with the battery life under half an hour; everything above it is the right choice.
  • Battery power - The power of your battery should be somewhere around 40v for a decent experience; everything above it is excellent.
  • Number of strings - Weed eaters with two lines are more effective and can cut through the dense grass, so If you can choose them over one-string ones.
  • Time of charge - Don’t forget to check how long will your battery take to charge and the est​​​​imated expiration date. Choose wisely. 

Final Thoughts

Due to the long tradition of its existence on the market and usage, gas-powered weed eater remains the leader in the industry. Yet, with the improvement of the battery-powered equipment, cordless weed eaters are slowly rising to the top of the market.

Our top pick, DEWALT DCST990H1 40V MAX 6.0 Ah Lithium Ion XR String Trimmer in particular, with its 40V battery and power drive transmission, provides a decent performance similar to the gas-powered trimmers without releasing gas and making noise while also being pretty lightweight and easy for usage.

DEWALT 40V MAX* XR String Trimmer, 6-Ah Battery (DCST990H1)*
  • The edger/trimmer provides 15-inch cutting swath with 0.080-inch line (also accepts 0.095-inch line)
  • The cordless grass trimmer has 6.0Ah premium high capacity battery (50% more run time than the 4.0Ah DCB404)
  • High-efficiency brushless motor of the lawn trimmer maximizes run time and motor life
  • Patented gear drive design that powers through overgrowth
  • Variable trigger with hi/lo speed control for added power or extended runtime

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