The Best Weed Eater String for Your Perfect Garden

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Weed is the number one enemy of a charming garden, but unfortunately, sometimes, a good string trimmer is not enough to fight it. 

To eliminate weed more thoroughly and create aesthetic edges in your garden, what you need is the best weed eater string.

Let's take a look at the top-rated string trimmer lines on the market and find out how to pick the right one. Your problem with weed will soon disappear.

Keep reading to learn!


Top 3 Best Weed Eater Strings - The Comparison Table

Editor's Choices
DEWALT Trimmer Line, 225-Foot by 0.080-Inch (DWO1DT802)*
Oregon 22-895 Magnum Gatorline Square Trimmer Line .095-Inch by 685-Foot, 3 lbs, Gray*
Best Selling
Husqvarna 639005102 string trimmer line .095-Inch 140ft spool Titanium Force, 095" x 140', Silver*
Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime
Customer's Rating
Best Feature
Suits most trimmers and has excellent quality.
Optimal performance for heavy tasks.
Very cheap but sturdy.
Editor's Choices
DEWALT Trimmer Line, 225-Foot by 0.080-Inch (DWO1DT802)*
Customer's Rating
Best Feature
Suits most trimmers and has excellent quality.
Oregon 22-895 Magnum Gatorline Square Trimmer Line .095-Inch by 685-Foot, 3 lbs, Gray*
Amazon Prime
Customer's Rating
Best Feature
Optimal performance for heavy tasks.
Best Selling
Husqvarna 639005102 string trimmer line .095-Inch 140ft spool Titanium Force, 095" x 140', Silver*
Amazon Prime
Customer's Rating
Best Feature
Very cheap but sturdy.

The Best Weed Eater Strings For You In 2020 - My Top 5 Choices

Best Overall - DEWALT DWO1DT802 String Trimmer Line

The flexible and impact-resistant trimmer line DeWalt DWO1DT802 has a thin diameter of 0.08 inches, which is perfect for light-duty tasks.

Thanks to the aerodynamic design and flight characteristics, it is suitable for both corded and cordless string trimmers (also battery-powered models). Whether you connect it with Ryobi or Kobalt trimmers or many other types, you can always perform smooth cuts through small weeds and bushes.

Furthermore, its 225-foot length and reasonable cost make it suitable for not only any weed eaters but also any users. 

With less than 20 buck, you can possess an excellent eater string that can last for a long time and suit the engine of your weed eater perfectly.

Thus, because of its value for the price, versatility as well as excellent quality, we vote it as the best overall product. (given the fact that most of you here do not intend to find a product for commercial use).

If your garden does not require a heavy-duty trimmer to clean it regularly, this one is ideal for your home and surroundings. 

  • Perfect string for home purposes
  • Very affordable for anyone
  • Fit a variety of trimmer
  • Durable and well-designed
  • Not intended for commercial use

Runner-up - Oregon 22-895 Magnum Gatorline

If you are looking for a medium-duty weed eater string with an average budget, you should opt for the Oregon 22-895 Magnum Gatorline. 

According to our test, it can finish medium-duty missions satisfactorily. The trimmer spool is 685-feet in length and able to last for a prolonged duration.

This nylon string is strong enough to endure the tear of medium-thick grass.

The cord has a 0.095 diameter, which means it can tackle most weeds along your way but is still small enough to fit a lot of line trimmers.

Moreover, the square-shaped duel polymer line has a robust core and a flexible external layer for advanced use. Indeed, you can travel around your garden without effort while looking at falling weeds.

Nonetheless, notice that this cord is easy to deform if you have run the weed eater for a while in hot weather. It is also prone to bend, although it hardly binds or gets broken when hitting stiff, big stones.

  • Perfect for medium works
  • Strong and long-lasting
  • Flexible for all terrains
  • Hardly bind
  • It is likely to bend before broken
  • Very unforgiving when hitting hard rocks
  • Easy to lose balance
  • Plastic can heat up quickly, distort, or melt

Most Economical and Best for Heavy Weeds - Husqvarna Titanium Force String Trimmer Lines

Like its name, Husqvarna is for the strongest trimmer, and a single line can go with powerful garden and lawn appliances such as trimmers, ride-on mowers, lawnmowers, or even chainsaws, so on. 

About its components, the product is made from nylon and co-polymer, which is very suitable for commercial purposes.

Most notable, the cutting edge of the blade comes with an innovative technology that increases both the lifespan and performance of the product.

It goes without saying that the titanium force thread features superb characteristics to accelerate fast and overcome stiff objects.

Additionally, you can also both save fuel consumption and enjoy the quietness and smoothness of your trimmer head.

The 0.095-inch thickness is exemplary for pretty sharpness as well as cutting performance.

Don't you believe it? Try using this to tidy up a massive area. We bet you can go straight ahead without any stoppage or having to change directions.

In spite of its apparently high price, the weed eater string is worth it because it will wear down slowly and serve longer than conventional cords.

The chances are that you will go back and repurchase it after a long time of pleasant use.

  • Applicable to most kinds of trimmers
  • Hold up for a prolonged time
  • It can overcome solid obstacles, and complete medium-hard work well
  • It can be used for edging
  • Quiet
  • Inappropriate for commercial work and advanced high-torque models
  • Somewhat expensive

Best for Edging - Cyclone Commercial Trimmer Line Model CY155S3

This fabulous weed eater cord comes in handy for professional and commercial landscaping tasks.

With 0.155-inch sharpness, 315-foot length, and 65-inch diameter, this 6-bladed-shaped polymer copolymer string brings about robust cuts to take down any weeds.

If you need to trim thick grass in a large area, it enables you to clean up to 100 feet of ground at ease.

Designed to suit the majority of commercial weed eaters (the walk-behind type), the nylon string takes pride in not only strength but also sturdiness.

Nonetheless, heavy-duty as it is, the line is likely to kick up a little debris and stones on your pathway, so watch out for small rock projectiles.

Plus, due to its shape, the sound it produces might be so noisy that you ought to wear some protective ear pads (anyway, it is a good practice all the time) when you operate the machine.

With the top-notch cutting power of this trimmer line, you cannot go wrong with it for heavy tasks, but it will be a bit overkill and rather waste money for easy jobs.

  • 6-bladed shape and superior thickness for high performance and durability
  • Multiple polymers reinforced
  • Leak-proof
  • Strong enough for commercial use
  • Rather costly
  • Quite noisy
  • Easily kick up stones and debris

Best Commercial String - Anleolife Commercial Square String Trimmer Line

You can save a lot of time gardening with this square Anleolife trimmer line since it is able to slice through tall grass and thick bushes fast and efficiently.

With the nylon 66 copolymer and plasticized materials, the line is very powerful to tackle tough objectives on its way.

Whether you are using gas or electric trimmers, you can alter the default string with this one. Craftsman, Husqvarna, Echo, Ryobi, Black and Decker, Stihl, Weed Eater, and many other types of trimmers are compatible and can run well with the new replacement.

Especially when you open the box, you can receive extra cutting tools to enhance the efficiency, ease of use, and robustness.

As the best weed eater string for commercial use in our list, it promises to keep your garden neat and tidy in the shortest time.

Unluckily, this trimmer line is quite a hassle to set up with your grass cutting device. Besides, it is also prone to becoming tangled and messy if not properly installed and used.

  • Versatile
  • Extremely robust
  • Very durable
  • Useful for heavy-duty uses
  • Difficult to install
  • Might be tangled or messy

Weed Eater String Buyer's Guide: What You Need to Know Before Buying

Before you rush to purchase a random weed eater cord, we have a few essential tips for you to pick the most satisfactory product.

Most beginners might think that the biggest differences between types of weed eater string are simply their colors, packaging, length, durability, but there are actually more than those to consider.

Therefore, read our shopping guide carefully to avoid the wrong products.

1. Lines Shape

	best weed eater string alternative

Unlike what most people think, the shape of a trimmer line is the most crucial factor that decides its main characteristics.

The four most common shapes of strings you can find are multi-sided, twisted, round, and serrated.

  • Round Trimmer Line

This is the standard shape for weed eater string because it is more long-lasting and facile to substitute than most others and is perfect for home use with plain weeds.

Although intended for slight use, this kind of string is durable enough not to break when it meets trees or concrete. Thereby, you can use it to clean grass on both pavements and fences effortlessly in a long time.

A round weed eater cord is recommended to go with Ryobi trimmers.

  • Multi-sided Line

As you can infer from their name, multi-sided strings feature multiple sides to deliver cleaner cuts. In this category, there are various shapes from a star, pentagon, hexagon, square trimmer line, etc. 

Contrary to round trimming lines, they are more valuable in commercial use when you have to tackle weighty weeds. 

However, they are prone to break when colliding with stiff surfaces like pavements or stones. 

This kind of string is often for brush cutters.

  • Serrated Line (6 Bladed Shapes)

It is best to use a serrated weed eater string to tidy up dense weed in a broad area.

Its razor-sharp edges act like saw teeth to cut down heavy weeds and thick shrubs in seconds.

According to experts, a serrated string is good at handling medium-heavy jobs, suitable for commercial use and refilling echo cutters.

  • Twisted Line

The last type of trimmer line offers higher strength and efficiency while reducing noise levels.

We can even call twisted trimmer cord the upgraded version of round weed eater string since it features better durability to cope with rugged surfaces.

This type of trimmer line can not only finish the cutting work smoothly but also reduce the irritating vibrations and noise of your trimmer dramatically.

Due to its superiority, it is excellent for commercial use in the long run and can be used for Shindaiwa string trimmers as well as Stihl trimmers.

2. Materials

best weed eater string for thick brush

If you simply use your weed eater to cut small bushes or light weed, you can opt for strings made from copolymer nylon or plastic.

But if you have some heavy-duty projects to do, you had better utilize a trimmer line made of aluminum or at least synthetic polymer.

3. Diameter

Pay a little attention, and you can see that all trimmer cord brands emphasize the diameter on the products' packaging. This critical specification suggests which cases the string should be used.

Typically, weed eater strings with a diameter of 0.6 – 0.8 inches are sufficient to solve small weeds. That said, they are appropriate for light tasks around your home, such as your backyard, front lawn, or pavement.

Meanwhile, average grass and weeds in a larger garden will require a trimmer line with a diameter of 0.08 – 0.11 inches. This diameter of weed eater strings is also ideal for commercial areas. 

Lastly, huge weeds surely demand anything bigger than 0.115 inches. These grasses often appear in vast estates, massive gardens, and broad lands in industrial or agricultural zones.

4. How Long Should Weed Eater String Be?

	best way to string a weed eater

Normally, each trimmer comes with a standard trimmer line length. However, it is possible for you to replace the default string with another.

But what length is good? 

Let us tell you something.

Obviously, the longer the weed eater string is, the more weight the engine has to spin, and the more strain the motor and clutch have to bear.

As a result, the blade will rotate more slowly, and the overall efficiency will decrease while the inner core will vibrate more, become hotter, and reduce lifespan. 

Although some people say that extending weed eater cord length can help to increase the cutting swath, this is not really proven, while the benefits are un-comparable to the drawbacks.

Thus, in general, we recommend keeping the same line length as the manufacturers have designed for optimal performance instead of making too much change to your weed eater. 

5. Who Make the Best Weed Eater Strings?

best weed eater string for brush
  • Oregon
  • Cyclone
  • Anleolife
  • Husqvarna

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, after our article, finding out the best weed eater string will be less tricky for you. 

As we recommended, the DEWALT DWO1DT802 String Trimmer Line is the best overall for most people. It is durable, well-designed, but cheap and can fit most string trimmers. 

DEWALT Trimmer Line, 225-Foot by 0.080-Inch (DWO1DT802)*
  • 225-feet long x 0.080-inch width
  • Constructed of flexible and impact resistant materials
  • Aerodynamic design

If you have any questions, let’s comment below to let us know.

Thanks for reading!

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