The Best Troy-Bilt Weed Eater Attachments: Everything You Need To Know

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If you have a Troy-Bilt weed eater to take care of your garden, you must love it very much and want to upgrade your device. 

Don’t know where to start, or what is the best thing to do? Don’t worry.

Today, in this article, we will introduce and review the best Troy-Bilt weed eater attachments that will deliver the highest performance to your device.

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The Best Troy-bilt Weed Eater Attachments

What is the Mulching Blade of a Weed Eater?

Mulching blades for weed eaters are blades that have more curves and increased cutting edge to discharge, bag, or mulch grass clippings more efficiently. 

Who Needs This Attachment?

If you mow the lawn twice a week, this blade is desirable. However, higher grass will clog the deck.

The Best Mulching Blade for Weed Eaters - Maxpower 331528B Mulching Blade

The Maxpower 331528B mulching blade is a great thing for you to add to your Troy-Bilt weed eater.

It has a larger cutting surface to improve mulching performance, sharpened cutting teeth, and centrifugal design to chop weed accurately and uniformly.

Besides, this blade is very affordable and easy to install. Hence, any Troy-Bilt weed eater could and should have it.

What Are the Front-drive Wheels of a Weed Eater?

Front-drive wheels are simply the two wheels at the front of your weed eater that transmit the force from the engine to move the appliance to different directions easily.

Who Needs This Attachment?

Anyone will need new front-drive wheels if the current wheels of their trimmers are broken or do not move smoothly, which hinders you from driving your lawnmower.

The Best Front-drive Wheels - MTD 734-04018C PK2 Front-drive Wheels

These MTD 734-04018C PK2 Front Drive Wheels are perfect replacements for almost all Troy-Bilt weed eaters. Indeed, they can fit nearly 100 different models.

These wheels are cheap, easy to install. But on top of that, they can move on any terrain smoothly, which helps you to cut weeds more easily.

What is the Spindle of a Weed Eater?

The spindle of a weed eater is often placed at the tip of the long shaft with a handle, where the string protrudes.

It is actually the rotating axis of the string trimmer, which causes the blade to spin quickly and cut grass effectively.

Who Needs This Attachment?

A spindle may become weaker over time and cannot deliver sufficient RPM to cut weeds well.

Anyone will need a stronger spindle if the current one does not help the blade to rotate fast enough.

The Best Spindle - XDeer 20050 Lawn Mower Spindle

Made out of premium aluminum alloy, this spindle is ultra-durable and corrosive-resistant.

Moreover, thanks to four mounting holes and four bolts included, replacing it can be completed in less than 30 minutes.

The product consists of spindle housing, shaft, bearings, pulley, and other parts that a spindle should have. And it can fit a wide array of Troy-Bilt weed eaters.

Plus, the lifetime warranty and excellent customer support service even add more value to this spindle.

What is a Pole Saw for Weed Eaters?

A pole saw for weed eaters is simply a saw that is attached to the top of a bar to trim grass and tree from far away. It is called "pole saw" because it is on the pole (the endpoint) of a pole (a bar).

Who Needs This Attachment?

If your garden has weeds in cramped nooks and crannies or you want to take advantage of your weed eater to trim the tall trees, a pole saw will come in handy.

The Best Pole Saw - Trimmerplus TPP720 Pole Saw With Chain and Bar

This pole saw comes with an adjustable 8-inch bar that can be adjusted to even reach as far as 11 feet, which is long enough for you to trim the highest branches without effort.

With the sharp and durable pole saw, hard-to-reach weed and high branches can be cut very cleanly and quickly.

Furthermore, the automatic oiler will supply consistent lubrication to both the chain and bar for smooth operation all the time.

Lastly, your Troy-Bilt weed eater can enjoy this attachment for at least two years within its warranty.

What is a Hedger for Weed Eaters?

A hedger for weed eaters is a unique type of saw that is intended for trimming hedges.

These saws typically look like a straight tape measure with saw teeth positioned symmetrically on both sides.

Who Needs This Attachment?

A hedger is useful to bring everything into a uniform order. So if you want a straight line of trees on the fences or simply a neat and tidy hedge, this extensive tool is for you.

The best Hedger - TrimmerPlus AH721 22-Inch Dual Hedger

This double-sided blade is 22 inches in length and features 0.75-inch gaps between teeth that cut at the same time so that you can trim your side-to-side fences.

In addition, the articulating head allows you to lock the blade at various angles from 0 to 135 degrees.

The full metal case brings about a sturdy construction for the tool to tackle any heavy-duty tasks.

Finally, the product is covered with a 2-year warranty to accompany your Troy-Bilt weed eater.

What is the String of a Weed Eater?

string is, of course, one of the mandatory parts in a string trimmer. If you do not know, a string of a weed eater is a stiff line that is spun very quickly from the rotating reel to cut the grass by centrifugal force.

Who Needs This Attachment?

Every Troy-Bilt weed eater comes with a default string. However, after a long time of use, this line will gradually wear out or get broken.

Therefore, anyone will need a new excellent replacement for this part of their lawnmowers.

The Best String - DEWALT DWO1DT802 String Trimmer Line

In spite of its thin diameter of 0.08 inches and design devoted to light works, DeWalt DWO1DT802 is actually impact-resistant and very versatile.

No matter if you are using a corded or cordless Troy-Bilt weed eater, this line will fit your equipment and allow it to cut down grass and bushes effectively.

Believe us! You can hardly find any high-performance and sustainable string that is 225 feet long at the price of fewer than 20 bucks.

What is a Deck Drive Belt for Weed Eaters?

A deck drive belt of a lawnmower is a rubber belt that wraps around the spindle pulleys inside that weed eater, which enables the moving components of the equipment to operate.

Who Needs This Attachment?

Over time, this part will gradually wear and tear because of use and other external impacts. If the deck drive belt of your Troy-Bilt weed eater is missing or broken, you will need a suitable alternative.

The best Deck Drive Belt - Maxpower 336351B Deck Drive Belt

This deck drive belt is perfect for Troy-Bilt owners since it is designed to match multiple Troy-Bilt weed eater models.

With the dimensions of 96.5 inches in length and 0.5 inches in width, any user can install and utilize the belt comfortably and conveniently.

Regarding durability, it features Aramid construction, clutching cover, and dual-cover for optimal longevity.

Final Words

So you have found out the most important parts of a Troy-Bilt weed eater and their top-notch alternatives. Then you do not need to waste months seeking the best Troy-Bilt weed eater attachments anymore.

Just think about what you need to replace in your trimmer and buy what we suggest from Amazon.

If you still have any further questions, ask us in the comment.

Thanks for reading!

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