Effective Tips On The Usage Of Weed Eaters

Top Weed Eater Tips for Efficient Gardening

Gardeners take advantage of the summer  season to make the most out of their blooms. Unfortunately, not only the plants and flowers are growing at a rapid rate. Weeds are also becoming harder to manage, especially if trimming the lawn and sidewalk is only done manually and occasionally. Maintaining greenery won’t be such a pain in the neck (literally) if you happen to own gardening technologies that save time and effort. One of the products that need to be in your gardening shed is an electric weed eater.

Top Weed Eater Tips for Efficient Gardening

Basically, a weed eater is also called a string trimmer or weed whacker. Living up to its name, it can level the weeds in the garden at a faster pace. You wouldn’t need to bend down just to trim the weeds, because the machine has a shaft than can be extended or shortened based on the user’s height. Furthermore, you won’t need to sweat it out since everything is done automatically. With a portable and powerful weed eater, one can finish a few yards before noontime.

How to Use an Electric Weed Eater

An electric weed eater is powered by plugging the cord right into an outlet. While this setup restricts maneuverability, an extension cord would solve the problem in a jiffy. After you turn on the switch, the blades in the trimming head will start spinning as it is held by centrifugal force. When doing a steady side-to-side motion, the trimmer will cut the grass evenly. If you have bigger blades, you can also cut through thick vegetation quite easily. An electric weed eater can also be used to trim the weeds on the sidewalks. This can be quite tricky, but by adjusting the thread blades, you can access even the most hard-to-reach areas.

For efficient gardening, here are some trimming techniques that would get you started on your lawn responsibilities.

Get the height right

Before you start getting crazy over grass trimming, bear in mind that your goal is to keep your lawn neat and tidy.  Make sure to keep the string about 2 to 3 inches away from the surface when trimming; otherwise, you will be creating a dirty mess with all the dirt-slicing. The best trim comes from a side-to-side movement, while making sure that the head is parallel to the ground. Don’t be in a hurry, or else your lawn will look like it got a bad haircut. If you happen to make mistakes in your first time, don’t worry since the grass eventually grows out.

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Dealing with overgrown grass

Overgrown grass is trickier to trim because the long stems may get entangled around the trimmer head. While cutting it from ground level seems like the easiest way to get the job done, it might not be the wisest because of the said liability. The technique is to trim from the top towards the ground to prevent entanglement. This may take more time, yet it will definitely prolong the life of your strings. If you are faced with a big field of overgrown grass, consider investing in a special grass-cutting head accessory with three plastic blades. Its design lays the stems flat, so there would be no tangles at all.


Clean edges along flower beds, driveways and walkways are a sight to behold. However, it might not be easier to accomplish without the right knowledge. A good suggestion would be to shift the grip of the electric weed eater, so the blades cut vertically. Think of it as an airplane propeller. It will cut even the sideways-growing grass right along the bed line.

Trimming near objects

If you are cutting near steps, posts and trees, be careful. You might cut the bark of the tree or concrete if the string head is too close. Approach obstacles gingerly and pull back once you hear the sound of slapping string. If you have time, create mulch beds near these fixtures so the string head won’t get closer again.

Trimmer maintenance

Always clean the trimmer when you are done for the day. You can wipe the dirt and grass off using a cloth. Gather the power and extension cords, and neatly coil them. It is best to check the manual of your weed eater regarding its maintenance so you can prolong its shelf life.

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