Must Have Tools To Fix Your Weed Eater On Your Own

Weed eaters are the homeowner’s method to easily and conveniently control any unwelcome weeds or grass that is invading the yard or the lawn. It’s anyone’s answer to the inevitable need for maintenance and cleanliness. While the manual removal of weeds is still a good way to break a sweat and just be productive, it takes a lot of time. That is why weed eaters are there. These machine-operated cutters will make everything more manageable because taking off weeds or maintaining your lawn would take so much time.

Must Have Tools To Fix Your Weed Eater On Your Own
Must Have Tools To Fix Your Weed Eater On Your Own

The thing about these machines is that they are very physical contraptions. When they are used, they exert effort and they get in contact with the ground, the grass and the weeds. Eventually, they would need to be fixed or adjusted because of some unforeseen consequence. If you own a weed eater, you should have the necessary tools needed in order to fix or adjust your machine. It is also good to have the knowledge on how to operate these machines.

The Tools and the Know-how

  1. Spark Plug Wrench

The spark plug is one of the things that would help the weed eater function. If this part is damaged, then some issues with its operation can arise. When it’s time for you to check the spark plug, you should first remove the spark plug wire. A wrench that is made especially for spark plugs is the thing that is going to be used to remove the spark plug from the engine of your weed eater. Once you already have the spark plug in your hands, you should look for damaged parts or some carbon build up. The buildup can be taken out with the use of a brush, but one that has a burned diode or damaged ceramic should definitely be changed.

  1. Screwdriver

The weed eater has a carburetor that was set by its manufacturers to function at a top performance level. As you use the weed eater, the whole thing vibrates and shakes as part of its usual operation. You might not notice it, but the adjustment screws on the carburetor can shake and turn. That actually happens to many things that have screws.

To remedy such an occurrence, you would need a screwdriver. The screws that were changed by vibration would need to be taken back to its specific operating parameters. You would need the manual for the weed eater in order to get the information and data you need to adjust the screws of the carburetor.

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  1. Spark Plug Gap Gauge

When it is time for the spark plug of your weed eater to be replaced, then you should remember that the new spark plug should be adjusted. Doing so would allow the right gap or distance between the plug’s bent ground electrode and the center diode. You would need to have a spark plug gap gauge in order to help you check for the correct gap. The gauge would assist you in making adjustments for the ground electrode so that it would face or turn away from the diode. A new spark plug would not make anything better if the gap is incorrect. It’s like having the same problem all over again.

  1. Adjustable Wrench

Whenever a machine is having trouble, an adjustable wrench would be there to act on it. It is one of the most important tools for a handyman. In terms of the issues that might crop up with a weed eater, it would effectively tighten the nuts that are attached to the various areas of the machine. For example, there is a D-ring handle on the shaft of the cutter or trimmer. Nuts are fastened there.

An adjustable wrench is also important when it comes to loosening the mounting nut that keeps the head of the trimmer or the cutting blade itself on the very edge of the shaft. You can rely on the adjustable wrench to do a lot of things and help you loosen or tighten those areas that need to be adjusted. You can even control the size of the wrench to accommodate the many sizes of nuts and bolts that permeate any number of machines, not only weed eaters.

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