Best Gas Weed Eater of 2019 – Top Rated And Buyer’s Guide

Best Gas Weed Eater

Most gardeners and homeowners who maintain their yard prefer to get the gas-powered weed eater because it is functional and easy to use on weeds and grass, even on shrubs. Although it also yields unfavorable results like gas emission from the oil and gas, there are some weed eaters that really do not need oils to operate. Some gas powered weed eaters can be operated using gas only.

Before you choose this tool, learn and understand the features, benefits, and downside of the gas powered weed eaters.

Know How To Maintain The Electric Weed Eaters

The man starts a weed trimmer on a lawn
The man starts a weed trimmer on a lawn

Weed eaters are outdoor components that do a lot. They are constantly exposed to dirt, the debris that arises from all the trimming, and other potentially harmful elements. They need to be maintained. They have parts where dirt or clumps of trimmed grass can lodge into, so you have to check these areas in order to prevent any issues or deterioration when it comes to its performance.

User manuals are important

How to Maintain a Weed Eater
How to Maintain a Weed Eater

When it comes to appliances and items, you are given user manuals and guides that would inform you about the various intricacies of those objects. The weed eater is not an exception to that; it also comes with its own user manual and instructional guide. You would be informed about the necessary things to do and the things you should not do to keep the machine working optimally. You can find a section in the manual that would help you through the maintenance of the weed eater.

When you set out to use your weed eater, you should remember that the process should be safe. You don’t actually get to just hold it and brandish it around so that you’d be done with your chores. If you are unfamiliar with how a weed eater works, check the user manual. Once you get the hang of it, don’t throw the manual away as it can help you when it comes to cleaning or fixing it.

Tips on Maintaining a weed eater

  1. Inspect the entire machine before each use

If you have a personal weed eater, you should remember to check its parts. Doing so would give you knowledge on the condition of the machine. If you have a weed eater that doesn’t have a cord, then you should check if the battery is charged or if you still have enough power to go through your trimming. You could also inspect the nuts, bolts and screws if they’re secure and stable. Also check the head part for any debris that might damage the revolving capability.

  1. Let the machine warm up

After the initial inspection, you can now start the weed eater. Don’t use the component hastily; let the engine warm up for a few moments. Doing so would allow the machine to find the ideal temperature that would suit its functions. It’s just like warming up your car before driving it.

  1. Get a feel of the machine

If you have used your weed eater a lot, then you should be familiar with how it would work when it’s in its optimal level of functioning. It should have a steady sound, a controlled level of vibrations and you shouldn’t feel or hear any discrepancies. Check the controls, the shaft and the head if anything is loose or vibrating in a more erratic way.

  1. Clean the weed eater after every use

After you have taken your fill of removing the weeds from your backyard, you should let the weed eater rest. Cooling down the machine would really help extend its lifespan. You can also check for leftover debris, there’s bound to be a lot when it comes to a machine that does dirty work. If you feel the need to change a part, take the time to check the manual before doing so.

  1. Keep the weed eater well-lubricated

Machines that have revolving parts need oiling up. Don’t deprive the head and the engine of oil that would help in maintaining a slick nature. You don’t want a squeaky or a noisy machine whenever you do your yard work.

Make it a habit

Your weed eater is your investment to the cleanliness and orderliness of your yard or lawn. You definitely need to maintain it in order to keep it functioning well. Make sure that the machine is free from damage or any potential dangers. Cleaning away all the debris would also prevent it from stalling or succumbing to damaging factors. Electric weed eaters make things easier for you. You should have the time to make it as good as new at all times. You don’t want to go to a repair shop or buy a new one because your old one was given up. You’ll be thankful for your efforts to keep your cleaning apparatus clean.

Guide To Use Electric Weed Eaters

The Homemaker’s Guide in Using Electric Weed Eaters

When the summer season hits, the place where you will find most homeowners in is the garden. Sweating it out under the harsh sun, people spend most of their days fertilizing, planting and trimming their backyard to show off their property. Fortunately, technology makes things easier for everybody. While manual labor is still rampant, automatic innovations are already available to give a hand on gardening. One of the gardening tools the people are thankful for is the electric weed eater.

Is Using An Electric Weed Eater Easy Or Hard
Is Using An Electric Weed Eater Easy Or Hard

What is an Electrical Weed Eater?

A weed eater is synonymous to the term weed whacker or string trimmer. It is basically a type of hedge trimmer that keeps the backyard free of weeds. It helps trim sidewalks and yards for a better view. Weed eaters are available in varied sizes and some of them are marketed for widespread use. If you choose to buy an electrical weed eater, then you will be pleased to know that you don’t need batteries, gas or oil to make them work. While these are not exactly as powerful as gas-powered trimmers, it is lighter and quieter when in use. You might need to deal with limited maneuverability since an electric weed eater is dependent on a power outlet; however, this can be fixed easily with extension cords.

Parts of an Electric Weed Eater

The design of an electric weed eater features a cutting head, electric motor, speed switch, power switch, front handle, drive shaft and a safety shield among others.

Head- a string trimmer head is composed of a chain trimmer head, a metal brush cutting head and  a line or string head. The line head is made from monofilament lines instead of blades, yet they can cut through bushes and woody plants with ease. It is powered by electricity and held stiffly by centrifugal force.

Electric motor- This powers the head and is connected to a power outlet. Once powered, the head kicks into motion. Most electric whackers have motors at the opposite end of the head, while there are some with motors on top of the head.

Power switch- This switch is easily located at the top of the handle. Sometimes, it has reflectivity properties, so it is visible in low-light conditions.

Front handle- Controlling the direction of the electric weed whacker is done with the front handle. This is where you will be holding the machinery throughout the trimming. Sometimes, it is cushioned with foam so it won’t be uncomfortable holding it for long periods.

Speed switch- This switch is rather optional among electric models. This allows you to control the speed of your trimmer, depending on what you are trimming.

Drive Shaft- This extendable part of the machine allows a safe distance between the user and the motorized head. The most common material used for the shaft is solid steel, which is lightweight, durable and rust-resistant.

Safety shield- An important part of the machine’s anatomy is the safety shield. It keeps stones and other debris from rocketing out of the head whenever they are sucked inside.

Using an Electric Weed Eater

Knowing the important parts of an electric weed trimmer is crucial to maximize its use. Once you are ready to trim, make sure to plug the string trimmer securely. It would be a hassle if the power cord comes undone every few minutes. The weed whacker should be held close to the ground for a neat trim. If you are quite taller or shorter than average, adjust the front handle to find a comfortable position. A steady side-to-side motion is recommended to level the weeds. However, don’t pursue any direction. Continue forward while doing it.

Remember to do the trimming in a stone-free area, since hard debris can wear out the nylon cutting thread. If you notice that some weeds are not cut even after you walked over them, consider pulling the thread out for about six inches. Do not trim to the ground since you will be wasting your nylon thread and making a big, dirty mess in the yard. Make sure to stop and rest for a few minutes if you feel a strain on your arms and shoulders. Practice always makes perfect, so don’t overdo things on your first attempt. Be sure to read the instructions as well, since these sometimes provide tips on how to make the most out of your electric weed eater.

Figure Out Which Weed Eater Would Be The Right Choice For You

Weeds are certainly the biggest problem in the backyard. It is important to remove weeds from the backyard as soon as possible because if ignored then your backyard will have more weeds than grass. To control the weeds and to remove them from every corner, weed eaters are the best tools. A good quality weed eater is one thing that you need and the other thing is that you must know how to use the weed eater to remove weeds efficiently. Therefore the person must learn to use a weed eater either from manual or from an experienced weed eater user before trying using it himself.

Buying Right Weed Eater

Because of the various weed eaters available in the market, buying the right weed eater has become very difficult. Along with wastage of money and your time, wrong purchase can give you a headache in place of relief from weeds. To pick the one which is right for you form the variety of weed trimmers is not an easy job therefore we are here to help you to decide the right weed eater for your requirement. When a person buys a right weed eater, it is for sure that it will last longer with proper maintenance.

Figure Out Which Weed Eater Would Be The Right Choice For You

Figure Out Which Weed Eater Would Be The Right Choice For You

Types Of Weed Eater

There are basically three types of weed trimmers and below we have given a brief description about all three of them to make your job easy.

  1. Curved shaft weed eater

Curved shaft weed eaters are very easy to use and are ideal for removing weeds from small lawns, under the trees, around the fences and near plants. They are designed in such form that make sit flexible to reach such places and work efficiently but do not have power to perform for longer. One disadvantage of curved weed eater is that their drive cable can easily.

  1. Straight shaft weed eater

Straight weed eaters are work perfecting in small backyards, under the trees and even remove weeds from hard to reach places. They are light in weight and easy to use. They can reach at difficult places as well and can remove weed perfectly from anywhere. All you need to do is just to push the start button and it was start working effortlessly. They are environment friendly and do not produce harmful gases. They are manufactured in such way that it can handle the powerful motor and can remove weeds in no time.

  1. Rolling weed eater

Rolling weed eaters have arrived in market long back but still they are considered as one of the best weed eaters available in the market. They have the most powerful motors and cut very fast ad efficiently because they have the strongest trimmer heads. The speed on the rolling weed eater is of the top notch that it clears almost every weed that comes in its way. Rolling weed eaters have different weed line with different qualities therefore asking about the weed line while purchasing rolling weed eater is one important thing.


Above we have mentioned all about the curved shaft weed eater, straight shaft weed eater and rolling weed eater that the buyer must know. Using weed eater is equally important as choosing the right weed eater. When buying a weed eater, make sure that the parts of weed eaters are available in the market or not. A good maintenance is the key to keep your weed eater in good condition always. Cleaning it after every use and taking good care of will surely make your weed eater work efficiently. A right choice and proper maintenance, both are good for your backyard as well as for your pocket.

Electric Weed Eater – Ultimate Solution To Your Problem Related To Your Garden

Any size of garden, grass and weed, you have a permanent and proven solution to keep your garden neat and clean and remove all unwanted weeds and over grown grasses to maintain uniform lawn. An electric weed eater combines all necessary features for garden trimming that it has become a one stop solution for garden trimming requirement.

Brief about electric weed eater

Electric weed eaters are one of the most proficient ones in terms of ease of use, speed of trimming, noise free operations, easy maintenance, etc. They can fulfill all your requirements of garden trimming and are available in number of variants to suit all classes of demands. They come with cords and are best for small yards and landscapes as the task of trimming could be carried continuously without the break for any refilling of fuel or recharging.

Benefits of electric weed eater

Electric Weed Eater - Ultimate Solution To Your Problem Related To Your Garden

Electric Weed Eater – Ultimate Solution To Your Problem Related To Your Garden

  • Comfort in using

There are number of ways and numerous machines used for trimming and other maintenance on the garden. But the accessibility to difficult areas through those modes is a task and a challenge. With electric weed eaters, there are no more constraints in maintaining your garden, be it trimming of weeds and grass or bordering it well etc.

  • Handy and light

Compared to various other tools used in maintaining the garden, these weed eaters are very light, easy to hold in hand and can be carried anywhere comfortably for a shorter or long term task. These weed eaters are used widely because they are so compact and comfortable to hold and work, that even children can use them.

  • No environment disturbance

Since electric weed eaters work without producing any noise, you can perform your garden anytime you want to. It would not disturb your neighbors. Also it does not harm the natural environment by releasing no harmful gases as it does not use any kind of fuel but electricity.

  • Speed up

Compared to other types of weed eaters, electric ones are the fastest and clear the unwanted grass and weeds in no time. This saves you a lot of time and demonstrates exceptionally effective and speedy performance.

  • No maintenance

Electric weed eaters are building up in such a way that they can be used in any kind of location, tough or uneven and does not get damaged. There are no specific maintenance issues involved with them. You could use them on and on for longer duration without any worries of damage or maintenance.

  • Cost effective

As compared to gas based weed eaters, electric ones are fairly placed at a lower cost. They can be termed as cost effective as their purchase cost is low and maintenance cost is close to zero.

  • Multiple choices available

To cater to different kinds of requirement, electric weed eaters are available in two major forms of corded and cordless. For specific small area, you can use the corded ones, as their area of coverage is restricted and for bigger landscapes you could use the cordless ones.


Electric weed eaters are one of the most demanded and accepted products throughout the world for offering so many options to its customer’s that none of their needs remain unfulfilled.  Right from attractive features, compelling prices, proven utility, comfort of using and no maintenance are some of the aspects of electric weed eaters that have made it the highly selling model. Largely, it is used for personal gardening purposes as for commercial purposes gas based are preferred. The title of “all in one” solution of all gardening work could be attribute to this device.

Points To Follow Before Purchasing Electric Weed Eater

You may think you have everything you need when it comes to the tools for yard work. You have your handheld tools, your gloves, an assortment of equipment that you could actually make use of. But when it comes to giving you more time and comfort during your tasks, you might actually need a thing that would help you more than those materials that are for manual labor.

Points To Follow Before Purchasing Electric Weed Eater
Points To Follow Before Purchasing Electric Weed Eater

Electric weed eaters are such machines. They make weeding off your yard much easier because they don’t require you to expend too much of your energy doing everything with your hands. The machine will do that for you, and it will do its job accurately. You could save a lot of time and energy wielding a contraption that would turn an otherwise time-consuming task into an effortless activity.

Important Facts

It’s pretty difficult to choose which kind and brand of weed eater to buy. It can be a bit harrowing to just worry about the quality of the machine and the amount of work it can do. Well, you would really find it more relaxing to know that weed eaters come in gas and electricity-powered varieties. Most of them have long shafts and hard-to-reach handles. But they can be adjusted to accommodate the reach of the handler.

There are weed eaters that have blades as the cutting medium and there are those that have a string or wire to do the work. That reel of string is one of the most important parts of a weed eater. It would cut and slice away at the weeds when rotated at high speeds.

You can also find some variety in terms of the size and shape of the weed eater. There are smaller ones and there are ones that are bulkier. If you’re having a hard time choosing what type of weed eater is the best for you, then you should first consider the place that you are going to clean. There are machines that would work much better on a wider expanse of land. Some could function well in smaller spaces.

Essential Tips

  • The Corded Electric Weed Eater

The weed eater that has a power cord is the most effective and powerful one. It runs on an unlimited supply of electricity. You need only to plug in the machine to a socket and you’re ready to go. This variety of electric weed eater is best used on smaller lawns and areas that don’t really stretch far.

You have to be careful about the length of the cord, though, because it is what makes this type of weed eater limited. You can extend the length of your coverage with the use of an extension wire, but otherwise the reach of this variety is limited.

Corded electric weed eaters are lightweight, they aren’t noisy and they don’t emit any waste that might be harmful to the environment.

  • Cordless Electric Weed Eater

This variety of weed eater is highly portable. It has a wider reach, so you can trim the weeds of vast spaces. You don’t have to worry about the wires because it functions on a rechargeable battery. The battery itself is what makes this weed eater heavier than its corded counterpart.

Battery operated weed eaters also eat up energy, depending on the rate and amount of work that it is subjected to. If you expect an all-day weed removal activity, then you would really have to expect long rest periods because it needs to be recharged. The minimum charging time for your basic cordless weed eater is three hours.

  • Size of Backyard

You have to consider the size of your backyard when it comes to choosing a weed eater. If it’s not too big, then a corded weed eater would just be nice, but if your land is wider, then you should consider buying the battery operated one.


Being able to find the best electric weed eater for you is a task that definitely needs planning. These machines are an investment because they do not come at a very cheap price, so you have to know your needs and the topography that you are working on. Once you have gained the information you need, then you would be able to get the tools that would be necessary for your home improvement plans.

Must Have Tools To Fix Your Weed Eater On Your Own

Weed eaters are the homeowner’s method to easily and conveniently control any unwelcome weeds or grass that is invading the yard or the lawn. It’s anyone’s answer to the inevitable need for maintenance and cleanliness. While the manual removal of weeds is still a good way to break a sweat and just be productive, it takes a lot of time. That is why weed eaters are there. These machine-operated cutters will make everything more manageable because taking off weeds or maintaining your lawn would take so much time.

Must Have Tools To Fix Your Weed Eater On Your Own
Must Have Tools To Fix Your Weed Eater On Your Own

The thing about these machines is that they are very physical contraptions. When they are used, they exert effort and they get in contact with the ground, the grass and the weeds. Eventually, they would need to be fixed or adjusted because of some unforeseen consequence. If you own a weed eater, you should have the necessary tools needed in order to fix or adjust your machine. It is also good to have the knowledge on how to operate these machines.

The Tools and the Know-how

  1. Spark Plug Wrench

The spark plug is one of the things that would help the weed eater function. If this part is damaged, then some issues with its operation can arise. When it’s time for you to check the spark plug, you should first remove the spark plug wire. A wrench that is made especially for spark plugs is the thing that is going to be used to remove the spark plug from the engine of your weed eater. Once you already have the spark plug in your hands, you should look for damaged parts or some carbon build up. The buildup can be taken out with the use of a brush, but one that has a burned diode or damaged ceramic should definitely be changed.

  1. Screwdriver

The weed eater has a carburetor that was set by its manufacturers to function at a top performance level. As you use the weed eater, the whole thing vibrates and shakes as part of its usual operation. You might not notice it, but the adjustment screws on the carburetor can shake and turn. That actually happens to many things that have screws.

To remedy such an occurrence, you would need a screwdriver. The screws that were changed by vibration would need to be taken back to its specific operating parameters. You would need the manual for the weed eater in order to get the information and data you need to adjust the screws of the carburetor.

  1. Spark Plug Gap Gauge

When it is time for the spark plug of your weed eater to be replaced, then you should remember that the new spark plug should be adjusted. Doing so would allow the right gap or distance between the plug’s bent ground electrode and the center diode. You would need to have a spark plug gap gauge in order to help you check for the correct gap. The gauge would assist you in making adjustments for the ground electrode so that it would face or turn away from the diode. A new spark plug would not make anything better if the gap is incorrect. It’s like having the same problem all over again.

  1. Adjustable Wrench

Whenever a machine is having trouble, an adjustable wrench would be there to act on it. It is one of the most important tools for a handyman. In terms of the issues that might crop up with a weed eater, it would effectively tighten the nuts that are attached to the various areas of the machine. For example, there is a D-ring handle on the shaft of the cutter or trimmer. Nuts are fastened there.

An adjustable wrench is also important when it comes to loosening the mounting nut that keeps the head of the trimmer or the cutting blade itself on the very edge of the shaft. You can rely on the adjustable wrench to do a lot of things and help you loosen or tighten those areas that need to be adjusted. You can even control the size of the wrench to accommodate the many sizes of nuts and bolts that permeate any number of machines, not only weed eaters.

Indispensable Reasons For Electric Weed Eaters

A backyard is surely a blessing to those who have it. It’s an integral part of the house. The entire family can use that space to enjoy and bond. One thing is certain: a lawn or backyard would be needed for activities. Imagine your backyard as a direct extension of your house. When maintain the cleanliness of your inner sanctum, you encourage orderliness and healthy living. The principle of cleaning the interior section of your house also applies to the outside areas. A beautiful lawn says a lot about the people that are in charge of it.

Indispensable Reasons For Electric Weed Eaters
Indispensable Reasons For Electric Weed Eaters

An easier way

A lot of tools can be used to maintain the neatness of a backyard. Some of those things need you to still do manual labor. You would also need to wear a specific set of gloves or protective gear for these tasks. Needless to say that some cleaning objects just take a lot of time and they aren’t very easy to use. This is where the electric weed eater comes in. It’s a very handy device that you can use to make an otherwise difficult task into a recreational activity that you can even enjoy.

Your time is precious and you may not even have a lot of it. If you are a very hands-on kind of person, then a weed eater can make it easier for you. The time spent manually clearing your lawn of weeds would be significantly reduced. Electric weed eaters are efficient and precise in their purpose. Running on electricity or rechargeable batteries, these machines would sweep through a field of grass in no time at all. It’s not difficult to wield a weed eater. If you love your lawn, then beautify it with a very precise machine.

The types of electric weed eater

The electric weed eater is certainly going to be the easiest way for you to keep those pesky weeds and overgrowth off your lawn. It maintains the evenness of the grass, making everything look balanced and clean. If you’re craving for an electric weed eater, then you should know that there are two types of these machines. Both of them are effective, but they also have varying levels of functioning, depending on the need, the amount of grassland to be maintained and the time that is needed for each sweep.

Check out the types of electric weed eater and determine which of them would suit your needs.

  1. Corded Electric Weed Eater

As the name implies, this type of weed eater features an electric cord that would provide an unlimited supply of power to let it work. The corded one would work for hours without having to turn it off. The electricity is regulated via a power supply, so every function will be as seamless as they need to be. It’s also the most lightweight of all the weed eaters on the market.

The corded electric weed eater may need an extension cord, especially if you want to cover a wider space when you’re doing your trimming tasks. The extension wire actually varies depending on the company and the model of weed eater. You should note that the need for a cord would limit its performance to only the place that it can reach. Its portability is limited.

  1. Cordless Electric Weed Eater

This type of electric weed eater is almost the spitting image of the corded one, save for the fact that it runs on battery power. You can still have it attached to a cord when you’re using it, but it can be removed and taken to areas of your yard that would otherwise be inaccessible with a corded weed eater. The batteries that are used for this type are Lithium-ion batteries.

Cordless electric weed eaters are heavier than its corded counterpart. It’s mainly due to the inclusion of the battery and the storage. Still, its high portability would make it unique and useful for vast expanses of land or for places that can’t be reached by the cord.


Having an electric weed eater is important. If you are a landscaper or if you love to maintain your yard, garden or lawn, then it would be able to assist you in many ways. It’s an investment and it will make sure that you will get the most and the best out of it.

How to Simplify the Purchase of Weed Eaters

How to Simplify the Purchase of Weed Eaters
How to Simplify the Purchase of Weed Eaters

Weeds. These invasive growths in your backyard are things that should be addressed. You can’t stop the ascent of nature, but you can trim the weeds and keep them away for a while. After all, they grow everywhere. You just have to focus on the places that need to be maintained. One of the most important tools that would help you address your problem of weeds is the weed eater. It’s a must-have for those who wants to make yard work much easier.

What is a weed eater?

A weed eater is a contraption that would allow anyone to trim their lawn or their backyard with ease. They are highly portable and they can reach places that cannot be handled by lawn mowers or tractors. It’s a basic tool that anyone would need, especially if the yard is considered one of the integral parts of the home. There are weed eaters that use blades to trim the grass, while the more modern ones use a line or a string. The ones that have string as the cutting mechanism is much safer and less damaging to the soil, bricks, garden pieces, and even itself.

Finding the right weed eater

In order for you to make your decision easier when it comes to the kind of weed eater you should purchase, you should know the kind of weed eaters that are available on the market and how they would specifically work.

  1. The corded weed eater

This type of weed eater utilizes an electric cord in order for it to function. It does not use gas as it purely relies on electricity to get it going. If the cord is not plugged, it doesn’t have a battery that would act as a substitute. Therefore, you would need an extension cord in order to reach farther places. It’s a great option for smaller yards or lawns. It is also worth noting that the corded weed eater is quieter than its counterparts and that it doesn’t emit any gaseous waste.

  1. The battery operated weed eater

This type of weed eater is actually almost the same as the corded one. It has all the functions and the looks of that model, but with the notable addition of a battery storage and, of course, batteries. You would need to charge the batteries before using it. It’s highly portable because you can just unplug it and take it anywhere. The batteries will keep it powered for at least 30 minutes of non-stop trimming.

The charging time for these cordless weed eaters is typically 3 hours, otherwise you won’t be able to use it once its battery has been drained. It uses a Lithium-ion battery with 30-80 volts of power in it. It’s actually very efficient as a power source and it doesn’t degrade easily.

  1. The gas powered weed eater

The gas type of weed eater is the most powerful of the bunch. It’s also one of the earliest models of the contraption. While obviously not relying on a cord to feed it power, it runs on gas or oil or both, which are great mediums to produce power and efficiency.

The downside of having a gas powered weed eater is that it’s a very noisy machine. It would chug, churn and sound off in a shrill shriek as you trim your lawn. The machine is also a heavy one, mostly because of the engine and the gas container that is connected to it. The smoke might also be a bothersome factor for landscapers or gardeners. There are brands that do not emit too much smoke, but you can’t deny that it can be harmful to the environment and to your lungs, as well. Still, it’s a very effective machine and a lot of people use this variety.


Choosing the right weed eater could be a harrowing task. You could look at a lot of factors and let them justify why you would need a particular type of weed eater over the other. They are all helpful and they are all very precise in their purpose, but you should also know their limitations. Being able to sift through the various advantages and disadvantages of several products can help you gain perspective and choose the right one for you.

How To Decide On Which Electric Weed Eater Will Be The Right Choice For You

Backyard chores take a huge chunk of time during the summer season. While hard work and patience do result in eye-pleasing greenery, it would take some time, and not to mention a lot of sweat, to achieve it. Thankfully, technology lends a hand to garden labor and make each task easier and faster. If you are planning to give your lawn a trim, consider using an best electric weed eater than your pruning shears. Not only will you save some time and effort, but you will also do your back a favor.

What's the Best Commercial Weed Eater
Choosing the Best Electric Weed Eater For Your Needs

Why Go For an Electric Weed Eater?

There are three types of weed eaters: gas-powered, plug-in and battery-powered. Each of them has its own pros and cons, but if you want to get the best of both worlds (power and portability), an electric machine is a wise choice. It is lighter than gas-powered options, while more powerful than battery-powered products. It is also affordable for many and creates lesser noise, perfect when you are mowing early in the morning. Some of the downsides of an electric weed eater include limited maneuverability and the lack of brush cutting options.

Factors to Consider when Buying

When you are set to buy an electric weed eater, don’t settle for the first thing you see. Instead, do your research and learn to compare products from different brands. Even if electric weed eaters with cords are easily the most expensive among the three types, you can still get the best value if you are a smart shopper. Here are the top considerations to select the best one for your needs:


First and foremost, an electric weed eater will be used outdoors, which means it will be exposed to the weather. If you want something that would last you for years, despite being used under the sun or through the rain, choose a rust-resistant product. Durability should be a topmost consideration, especially if you are buying a premium product. Check the resilience of the trimming head as well, since it would be a hassle to change strings every now and then.

Safety and comfort

Safety should also be a concern when buying an electric weed eater. Make sure that it has a debris shield, which blocks anything from shooting upwards once cut. Comfort should also be a priority, given that trimming could take hours on a wide lawn. An extendable shaft will keep you from bending down awkwardly just to level the weeds. A foam-cushioned handle would also work well against the strain in your hand.


Manufacturers tend to innovate their products to provide the best for their consumers. Some of the helpful features include shoulder straps, speed controls, double blades and even an anti-vibration operation, so your hand won’t be strained when working for hours.  While weed eaters with such features are more expensive than basic ones, these are worth the additional bucks.


Pricing is dependent on the power and type of the weed eater. The typical price range is between $40 to $100. It also depends on the season you are buying. During the summer, prices are hiked up to take advantage of gardeners wanting to improve their blooms. It is best to wait until the end of every season, since most retail shops conduct sale events. Bargains can range from 10% to 20%, depending on the brand. Online stores also provide web-exclusive discounts, so make sure to sign up to their newsletter.


Weight can be a subjective factor. Make sure to try out the trimmer in the store before making a purchase. Numbers won’t dictate your comfort, so might as well decide for yourself if the one you are considering can be carried around without a problem.

Where to Buy

Before buying, write down the things you expect to see in your soon-to-be weed eater. Should it have double blades for a neater trim? How about a lightweight one that would be easy to carry on your wide lawn? Having a clear picture of what you want to buy will set you straight on your goal, never to be swayed by promotions and other fancy options. Set your sights on what you need, not on something that is popular or the latest one in the market.