The Best .065 Trimmer Line: Everything You Need to Know

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Admit it or not - a string trimmer equipped with a good trimmer line is all we need to get the job done! Why spend hundreds of bucks on expensive ones when you can probably use a cheaper option to cut all the weeds and keep your yard clean and neat.

More often than not, the best .065 trimmer line is enough to get all those grasses and weeds out of your way. Be careful, though, as a common problem with trimmer lines is that they will eventually wear out and break over time. 

With that in mind, it is essential to choose the ones that truly fit your needs. Thus, we've made a review of the different products available as well as a quick guide to help you determine the difference between a good and not-so-good trimmer line.

Read on to learn more about our amazing picks!


Our Top 3 Picks

Best .065 Trimmer Line Reviews

Anleolife Commercial Square .065-Inch-by-960-ft String Trimmer Line - Best for Power and Flexibility

The Anleolife 1-Pound Square Trimmer Line is a perfect replacement for any brand gas and electric string trimmers. It is equipped with many reasons making it a great product to love.

This replacement line comes with .065 inches diameter, which is good enough to handle even thick grass and weeds efficiently. It offers 960 feet of the line, which can last you to a couple of trimming sessions.

Moreover, this trimmer line offers optimum performance due to the sharp edges that allow you to handle almost anything present in the yard virtually. It's nylon 66 copolymer, and plasticized components are the main reason it is built to last and not allow rocks and dirt to cause any damage.

As a bonus, the Anleolife 1-Pound Square Trimmer Line comes with a free line cutter to ensure cleaner and quicker cuts in no time. However, the only drawback of this product is that it requires you to wind the spool on your own.

  • Excellent cutting technology
  • Multi-sided cord 
  • Flexible and highly resistant material
  • Free line cutter included
  • Requires hand winding 

MaxPower 333665 Round Cut Trimmer Line .065" X 1800' Blue - Best Value for Money Trimmer Line

The MaxPower 333665 Round Cut Trimmer Line offers an ideal trimming tool for light grass cutting tasks in the home. It comes with a long-lasting yet quick break, especially when it hits hard surfaces.

This trimmer line allows you to do the job without needing too many reloads effectively. It is made from highly durable and tough nylon material components giving a dimension of three pounds and 1800 feet.

Due to this construction, this round-shaped and blue-colored trimmer line will last for many seasons unless you use it for commercial and large scale of work.

As a round-shaped trimmer line, it may not be as durable as the other shapes. However, it is strong enough to trim light grasses effectively and cut weeds.

Overall, the MaxPower 333665 Round Cut Trimmer Line is highly recommended for light residential jobs and even for personal use in your house. With its design and price range, it can be used for a long time, given that you are using it for the right job. 

  • Length is intended for several refills
  • Very visible blue color
  • Long-lasting life
  • Perfect for light trimming works
  • Extremely thin line

Black+Decker AF1003ZP Trimmer Line, 30-Foot, 0.065-Inch, 3-Pack - Best Trimmer Line for Easier Trimming

The Black+Decker AF1003ZP Trimmer Line is produced by a leading brand in the industry known to provide high-quality products. This product not only eases tedious trimmings but also helps eliminate any bumps and hitches.

It comes with a replacement spool system which easily removes any hand-winding lines. In fact, this uses a centrifugal force to feed the trimmer line when needed.

As it features a .065 diameter, this line is excellent for lawn landscaping. However, it is not ideal for thick grasses and weeds.

What makes its use more convenient is that it has a factory-wound replacement line of about 30 feet. It is hassle-free and easy to use, to change out, and to rewind.

Overall, the Black+Decker AF1003ZP Trimmer Line is a very decent option for residential landscaping. This three-pack line promises use for the whole season. The only downside is the jam that may occur now and then, which causes you to stop in the middle of your work to unjam the reel. 

  • Offers smooth operation
  • Designed for auto-feed string trimmers
  • Doesn’t tangle easily
  • Factory-wound replacement line
  • Trusted manufacturer
  • Jamming problems

Greenworks Replacement Spools for Greenworks Cordless Trimmers 29252 - The Hassle-Free Replacement Trimmer Line

The Greenworks 29252 Replacement Trimmer Line is sized at .065 inches in diameter and is made to fit in and work on a single line string trimmer. It is produced by a well-known manufacturer that is known for their gardening tools and products.

As a convenient option, this doesn't require any tools for installation. Instead, you just simply pop the spool whenever you need replacement. Also, it comes as a pre-wound spool and not only with the line you need.

What makes this product special is that it is made solely for Greenworks products but can also be used for other brands. The entire spool allows you to replace the line and feed the trimmer on your own.

The use of this little thinner product makes it more delicate and easier to snap even when used against pavements and concrete sidewalks.

For its price tag, the Greenworks 29252 Replacement Trimmer Line is worth it. However, there is a minimal issue when it comes to the proper winding of the spool, which can be fixed easily. 

  • Hassle-free replacement 
  • Pre-wound spool
  • Strong and long-lasting
  • Works well with other models
  • Improper winding of the spool
  • Delicate than other brands

LIYYOO Line String Trimmer 30ft 0.065" AF-100 Replacement Autofeed Spool - Best Trimmer Line for Black + Decker

The LIYYOO Line String Trimmer Replacement is a fantastic string trimmer line designed specifically for Black + Decker machines and tools. With its amazing design and construction, it will certainly accompany you for a couple of years.

This is made primarily with ABS and polyamide-nylon, which is known to be flexible and durable. It uses aerodynamics and centrifugal force to achieve fast trimming and cutting of your weeds.

As good news, the product comes with an auto-feed system, which eases the strings' tedious hand winding. The package is available in packs of 10 with eight replacement spools and two trimmer caps. 

Each of the spools has about 30 feet of trimmer line, which may be a bit short for some users.

Overall, the LIYYOO Line String Trimmer Replacement is made to ensure compatibility with Black + Decker spools. It comes with cap covers for optimum protection. However, at times, the use of this trimmer line may require frequent replacement of the string.

  • Fast, powerful, and efficient cutting
  • Auto-feeding system
  • Factory wound spool
  • Suitable for Black + Decker string trimmers
  • Presence of little line on each spool

Best .065 Trimmer Line: Buying Guide

To efficiently get the job done, the right tools should be used. This includes the right trimming line that can handle the job when it comes to the level of difficulty.

Also, the knowledge on the trimmer's specifications is essential in buying the compatible trimmer line for your device.

Advantages of Using .065 Trimmer Lines

  • The diameter of .065 trimmer lines provides the best results when it comes to cutting grass.
  • The .065 trimmer line tends to be cheaper as compared to its heavy-duty counterparts.
  • The .065 trimmer line is universally accepted and works perfectly in most string trimmer machines.

Choosing the Best Trimmer Line

1. Line Installation Method

best .065 string trimmer line

You should consider the installation process of the trimmer line once you have them.

Some may opt to measure, cut, and wind themselves while some can let others do all these things for them. Basically, the key factor here primarily lies with convenience. 

  • Pre-Cut Trimmer Line
    This type of trimmer line is already sized to ensure a perfect line in each wind. It prevents you from worrying about sizing, making it a lot easier and faster to pull out and wind the line.
    However, an underlying issue with pre-cut trimmer lines is that there's only enough in each line. Once a mistake is made, it's already wasted, and you already need another one for replacement. Also, the trimmer's refilling can be more frequent as there is only enough to satisfy a certain running time without any extra in every cut. 
  • Spooled Trimmer Line
    This type of trimmer line allows an easier way to refill the trimmer. When you fill-up the spool, you can have an entire foot long of line pre-installed before starting. This will lessen your worries about refilling for a certain number of days.
    The easy installation procedure is a sure hit, as this also works perfectly with automatic feeder procedures. 

2. Different Trimmer Line Sizes

best .065 weed trimmer line

The size of the trimmer line greatly affects the load that it can take on. Remember that the thinner the line, then the lesser grass it can cut and the thicker the line, then the harder jobs that it can manage.

  • Light Jobs
    Light jobs will require once a week of trimming of the edges of the yard as well as scouring lone weeds in the garden. These are purely residential and very easy jobs which are not too hefty.
    Keep in mind that there is no professional that will buy .065 to .80 trimmer lines in hopes of getting any dirty work done. 
  • Medium Jobs
    Medium jobs are usually completed using a .085 to .105 trimmer line. These types can handle heavier weeds in the larger sized backyard. Thus if you are serious about working in your garden, then you should consider using medium-sized lines.
  • Heavy Jobs
    Heavy jobs can include those in the professional field, which involve dangerously wild weeds and sky-high grasses. To successfully deal with this overgrowth, you will need a trimmer line as thick as .110 diameter.

3. Trimmer Line Shapes

the best .065 trimmer line
  • Round
    The round-shaped trimmer line is the standard line for everyday use as it can easily handle minimal jobs. It offers easy replacement and easy feeding as many string trimmers around the round line. However, round-shaped lines cannot deal well with heavy-duty jobs.
  • Multi-Sided
    The multi-sided line trimmer line naturally comes with more than one side, which helps keep sharpness for a longer time. It comes in various shapes, including square, star, and pentagon.
  • Square
    The square-shaped trimmer line is a definite step up from the round ones. It can cut through heavier grass and weeds on a day to day basis, making it great for residential and professional use. 
  • Twisted
    The twisted-shaped trim line is intensely formed in solid shape. This makes it much stronger as compared to the standard round shape and ideal to combat thicker weeds. It is ideal for commercial use, but can also do home jobs.
  • Serrated
    The serrated-shaped trimmer line comes with edges all around, which acts as trimming teeth to cut more grass and weeds with ease. It is best for commercial use, especially those with abundant weeds.

4. Material Type

.065 trimmer line black and decker
  • Nylon
    Nylon is more commonly used due to its cheaper material, which can remain strong. It is the easiest trimmer line in the market due to its flexibility and adaptability.
  • Titanium
    Titanium has a superior cutting power due to its stronger and faster acceleration. It can reduce fuel consumption, making the job a lot easier and faster. Also, it offers quieter performance than nylon, which ensures long hours of work. 

Final Thoughts

Now that we have detailed and reviewed some of the best trimmer lines in the market, you are not more secure in choosing a high-quality option that can cut through your backyard.

In conclusion, the best .065 trimmer line is the Anleolife Square .065-Inch-by-960-ft String Trimmer Line Donut.

A ANLEOLIFE 1-Pound Commercial Square .065-Inch-by-370-ft String Trimmer Line Donut,with Bonus Line...*
  • Multi-side Cords Slice through heavier weeds and thicker grass quickly and efficiently, Cutting less time
  • Made from tough nylon 66 copolymere, plasticized materials for added impact power & strength in boosting resistance to damage
  • Perfect replacement line for all gas and electric trimmers, including: Husqvarna, Ryobi, Echo, Stihl, Weed Eater, Craftsman, Black and Decker, and most other makes
  • Robust, Efficient and Easy to use, keep your garden looking tidy and neat Includes a bonus cutting tools for convenient and quick line cuts
  • Includes a bonus cutting tools for convenient and quick line cuts

It is highly flexible, affordable, and durable, making it an excellent choice for your trimming needs. The sharp edges of this product allow powerful, smooth, and clean cuts in no time. 

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